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Thought-Provoking Fiction

“Master Yourself and You Can Master Anything.” – Nina 

The Mastery Club® is a 'personal development novel' about five adolescents who form a club to support each other in achieving their goals and dreams. 

The Mastery Club 10 Lessons Program invites students to apply the principles in the book in their own lives, and thus achieve their own goals and dreams.

Do YOU Dare Take Them On?

Join the movement! Come and tackle the 10 Lessons that green-haired Nina presents to the Mastery Club members:

Liliane Grace, The Mastery Club, 10 Lessons Workshop, Grow into Your Dreams, See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible1.  Thought is Creative – Discover Your Inner Power.
2.  Goal-Setting and Affirmations – What are you saying to yourself?
3.  Visualisation – Movies in your Mind.
4.  Treasure Mapping – What’s your Gold?
5.  First Force, Second Force, Third Force – Building Character.
6.  The Law of Polarity – Good Stuff, Bad Stuff.
7.  The Law of Resonance & Vibration – How You Attract...
8.  Become a New Person – Are you Prepared to Pay the Price?
9.  They’re Not Just Ideas – Surprise Guest Speaker.
10.  Don’t Give Up... But Do Let Go – The True Nature of Mastery.

Can you 'See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible'?

Inspire and Empower Yourself and Others.

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Programs are available for schools and adults in 10x2-hour sessions.

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If you’d like to make a difference in your life and others’ lives, do consider this program. Nina’s 10 Lessons could very well transform your life...

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