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Liliane Grace

In brief

Liliane Grace is a prize-winning author, inspirational speaker and writing coach specialising in ‘conscious living' messages for the whole family. Her unique ‘personal development’ novel, The Mastery Club® – See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible, shows children and teens how to achieve their goals and dreams. Sequel, The Hidden Order, continues the story at a much more challenging level. Both books touch on mindset, health, relationships, natural laws, and many empowering and health-oriented philosophies. She is also the creator of The Mastery Club® 10 Lessons Program.

A new novel for teens about financial literacy (Quest For Riches) is coming soon. Liliane has just published a romance novel for women (Wanted: Greener Grass) in a new genre Liliane is calling ‘conscious chick-lit’. She also teaches writing courses in both classroom, private and online formats and is a dynamic speaker.

Why I write the way I do

I've been interested in personal development, the mind and human potential since I was a teenager, and specifically in the power of language to influence our feelings and state of mind. I wrote The Mastery Club because I saw a gap in the market between youth fantasy literature (wizards, vampires, dragons) and reality literature (war, refugees, drugs), and I wanted to inspire kids to create magic in their real lives by realising their own life dreams. The Mastery Club was an utter joy to write because it brought together two of my favourite interests: writing fiction and living consciously. The program evolved out of the book. I'm really touched by the responses of students who have experienced it, and of their parents and teachers. You can view some student and teacher testimonials here here. I was delighted when people from around the world began to contact me also wanting to teach the program. There’s also been interest in a screen version. Hold the vision, folks!

I’ve continued in the ‘teaching through story’ niche because (a) it’s surely the best way to learn - it’s certainly my favourite way! and (b) because I’m fascinated by the ideas and principles I share through my writing. Some literary experts reckon that writing shouldn’t be ‘didactic’ (have an ulterior motive to teach something), but I disagree. I believe that our purpose here on earth is to grow, to realise more of our potential, so it makes sense that our books and entertainment should support that outcome. Not all of it, of course, but 'entertaining education' is what interests me – definitely not in a tedious, moralistic way – it has to be enjoyable! [See my Hero’s Journey mini e-course that accompanies the new book, Wanted: Greener Grass.]

And if you want to know more…

Liliane 2015I was born in Melbourne, Australia and have lived here all my life. My parents met in Australia following World War II, Dad coming from Egypt and Mum from Poland. My grandmother wrote an autobiographical account of her flight, with my three year old mother, from the Nazis. It was called Journey Without End and was published in Australia when I was 13 years old. I was an avid reader as a child and began writing my own stories when I was about seven years old. Being a young dedicated writer, it was inspiring to have someone close to me who was published. As I grew up, I found that I so loved inventing characters and creating worlds that I just never stopped. 

My father spoke to me in French, encouraged my writing, and taught me to be realistic. My mother introduced me to the concepts of creating one's reality, the law of attraction, psychic phenomena, Eastern philosophy and mysticism. Having been fascinated by universal laws and the principles of mastery since I was a teenager, I was delighted to discover the work of Dr John Demartini, which has enlightened and enriched me immensely. I finally truly understood Love and G.O.D. I am honoured that Dr Demartini wrote the Foreword for The Mastery Club.

I had three sisters – 'had' because my youngest sister, Suzanne, died when she was 24. My eldest sister, Yvette Bentata-Moore, is the artist on my Champion Series picture books, and my younger sister, Anita Bentata, is a psychotherapist whose daughter Jessica Hall was the cover artist of the first edition of The Mastery Club. It's been very special to work with family.

I've written numerous short stories for adults and children, articles, plays, poems, a song, picture books for children, three 'personal development novels' for the whole family (The Mastery Club®, The Hidden Order, and Quest For Riches), and a women’s fiction (Wanted: Greener Grass). Many of my articles have been captured in an ebook called Living With Grace. (My surname, ‘Grace’ was deliberately chosen because it’s a value I aspire to.) More of everything to come.

I love to encourage others to trust their innate creativity and hone their writing, and have been doing so since the late ‘80s in group programs through community/learning centres, such as CAE, Coonara Community House and Monash University, privately through one-on-one coaching, and through the convenience and ease of an e-course – my Writing (& life) Mastery program. If you’re writing a novel and that’s not your genre, give me a call. I can help with editing, coaching or ghost write it for you!

My ex-life partner, Derek, is handsome, loving and supportive – and still my Tech Support, along with our gorgeous son Jeremy, who lives with him in sunny Queensland and blogs here (Jeremystrongsite.wordpress.com). Our beautiful daughters Emma and Lesley were born at home and are now creating rich and fulfilling lives in outdoor recreation, whole foods and circus endeavours. When Jeremy was a baby I met a family that was home educating. I will never forget their creative lifestyle and busy lounge room! I was inspired by what I read and saw of the home-based learning adventure, so we chose that path for our children. (Nina, one of the main characters in The Mastery Club, is home educated.)

I've always loved nature and a simple, whole-foods diet. I am particularly inspired by the work of Don Tolman. He has empowered me to take even more responsibility for my health using simple affordable everyday foods for healing rather than supplements or drugs. 

My other great love is dance. I've been dancing ballroom and latin styles since my early 20s and am quite religious about it! I go dancing every week. I was one of those kids who spent school lunchtimes in the library reading, and brought notes to avoid Sport, so dance is my way of keeping fit – it gives me a regular dose of fun and playfulness as well. It’s also how I met my husband-to-be, Albert. That’s an amazing story in itself. See the blog! Read my women’s fiction, Wanted: Greener Grass, and my blog to learn about the extraordinary ‘life imitating art’ journey that I’ve been on.

Today I continue to be challenged and alternate between being a master and a victim, but my life is so much richer for having acted on my dreams and trusted my heart. I love to encourage others to create lives they love living, so consider booking me as a speaker for your next function. :-) Click here to read some testimonials about me as speaker.

I believe that when we love what we are doing we are more likely to be energised, productive, patient, co-operative and generous. I have a vision of children and teenagers all around the world forming Mastery Clubs to encourage and support each other in achieving their goals and dreams. Imagine young people resisting unhealthy debt and instead applying the simple principles that enable them to create wealth and prosperity. And I want to encourage couples to risk honest, responsible communication even when things appear to be falling apart… I’d love all people to trust their hearts and act on their dreams. It's worked magic in my life!

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