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PDF iconFight Club or Mastery Club –
Which would you prefer your child join?

Melbourne, Thursday 29 March - Confrontational and violent novel Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk has made headlines after recently being added to the VCE English curriculum. The novel, which spawned a cult film starring Brad Pitt, describes a secret underground club where men meet to channel primal male aggression as a form of therapy. The film’s release in 1999 saw groups of young men in the US form their own fight clubs.  

Liliane Grace, Melbourne author of The Mastery Club, questions the value that youth will gain by studying Fight Club and asks parents which sort of Club they would prefer their kids join

Giving Narcissistic Teens a Sense of Purpose

Melbourne, March 2011 - In response to recent claims that an ''epidemic of narcissism'' is affecting our student population, parents can turn to a best-selling book by Melbourne Mum, Liliane Grace.

Four powerful tips on how to decide your end-of-year results now! (and amaze your teachers, parents and friends)

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Melbourne – Feb 10, 2010 – A Melbourne author's fictional novel is showing teens and pre-teens how to determine the results they want in their lives now.

“Don’t wait until the end of the year to see how you’re going – decide what you want to achieve now,” says Liliane Grace, author of The Mastery Club, a novel about five school students who form a club for the purpose of supporting each other in achieving their goals and dreams. “If you decide your end of year results now and visualise yourself achieving them, your brain will orchestrate events so you realise that possibility.”

Australian kids are again ensconsed in that long-term, influential experience called 'school', but -- ARE THEY DOING THE SCHOOL YEAR BACKWARDS?

Melbourne, February, 2011 - Melbourne author, Liliane Grace, is inspiring school students to choose their end-of-year results at the start of the year. Instead of waiting to see what they achieve come December, they are deciding on their results early.

Grace's book for adolescents, The Mastery Club - See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible, tells

Award-winning Melbourne author's lateral tips for school and life success - with the help of a green-haired girl.

PDF iconMelbourne – May 28, 2010 – At a time when everyone is worried about ‘directionless’ teenagers, Melbourne author Liliane Grace, is still inspiring teenagers around the world with her book, The Mastery Club, which draws on contemporary brain research to show young people how to achieve their goals and dreams.