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This book was written for young adults who want to flourish financially. It’s a fictional story about how to develop financial intelligence and a strong money mindset.

Discover the four ‘money personality types’ (which one are you?) as teenagers Toni, Eric, Jackson and Brooke attempt to raise funds for a school-organised trip to India. They get there (one way or another), and are stimulated, overwhelmed, discomfited and delighted by the colourful and very different country of India. 

Read Quest For Riches purely as a story (and learn some useful stuff incidentally) or read it as a text by engaging with / responding to the Questions pages (and be entertained as you go).

The Money Mastery for Teens Project was conceived and developed by Camilla Mendoza to address teenagers’ lack of savings and the unsustainable debt many are getting into, and to present the strategies that underpin wealth and prosperity through an entertaining story.

There are lessons here not only about money (and saving and spending and investing/the power of compounding interest) but also about our values, beliefs and family patterns around money, our own personality’s impact on how we relate with money, the value of work in developing character, and our ability to create long-lasting wealth, both financial and experiential.


What people are saying about Quest for Riches

'Really enjoyed it. I’m normally not one to choose to read rather than doing something else but did for this book. Could relate to the characters. The financial info was new and useful. The part about India was interesting. Didn’t expect the question pages but liked them – made you think. Found the build-up to India trip interesting. It was a quick read - and I'm not a fast reader.' (Read it in 5 hours.)
- Nick Metha, 16 yrs

'I finished the book. It was sensational. I told my mum about some of the things – I told her she needed a Prosperity account. She learnt that from me. It’s a very good book.’
- Harvey W, 13 yrs

Harvey’s mum: 'He read it every day after school instead of doing school production. Couldn’t put it down. Took it everywhere. Now he’s inspired to save.'

'Being the father of two teenage sons, Quest For Riches resonated with our own life journey, for there were many similarities to what was going on for us in our own lives.  We were setting goals of our own, saving hard for an overseas trip and manifesting our dreams into reality.

'Your writings teach valuable skills, encourage and empower young people to realise their potential and above all in this credit card contaminated world, enlighten our youth with the old fashioned value of saving for the times ahead.  Not just for the immediate goal but to save for prosperity and the future. Thank you for sharing your insights with the teenagers of today.'
- Barry Sharman, father of teens and school administrator

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0 # Tahlia MacNab 2018-08-09 01:31
Hi, We spoke on the phone while your mum was in hospital. My names T. Look forward to hearing from you.
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0 # Liliane 2018-11-12 22:53
Yes! And now we've met and you are reading and enjoying Quest For Riches. :-)
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0 # Liliane Grace 2018-12-10 05:01
Quoting Tahlia MacNab:
Hi, We spoke on the phone while your mum was in hospital. My names T. Look forward to hearing from you.

Done! So glad you're enjoying the book!
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