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POTL coverNathan’s father has just been diagnosed with cancer, and the only place Nathan can go to escape the stress at home is into a fantasy world that he accesses through his dreams. But, even there, trouble is brewing as a growing breed of ‘Reactors’ attempt to control people's minds.

Nathan joins a band of rebels led by a carefree woman called Rada, and as he struggles to understand her cryptic leadership style, he begins to realise that the messages he is hearing could help his father… and himself.

Power of the Light is an allegorical story that sheds light on the ancient theme of good versus evil whilst affirming healthy life choices that are backed by the latest research in nutrition, human behaviour and quantum physics.  

20% of the profit from each sale will be donated to Farmer's Footprint, a path to soil health and food independence via regenerative agricultural practices. 

This book is dedicated to the many courageous women, men, and children who are diagnosed with cancer and choose to trust the healing power of nature above medical intervention, and, in particular, to those among them who shared their inspiring stories with me. I would also like to thank the authors and educators who have woken me up to our body’s ability to heal, and to Jay, a writing student of mine many years ago whose characters were in trouble. In coaching him, I stumbled upon the possibility of ‘the Power of the Light’.


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What people are saying about Power of the Light

“This book was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of the adventures of Nathan as he learns many valuable lessons while his dad goes through the tough times of cancer. The lessons this book has on healthy eating and having a healthy mind are well worth the read and should be taught to everyone. I would also recommend this book not just for the fact that it has great life lessons but also that it is an entertaining read and had me wanting to read it all in one sitting!”
– Jasper, age 14

“I really liked this book! Power of the Light has a great message and lessons that are really needed right now. I particularly liked that Nathan is learning this stuff at a young age.”
– Luna, age 17

“This touching story shows how our thoughts and emotions, as well as the food we put into our bodies, affects our health. It dives into how different emotions can have a direct impact on our health, sometimes without us even realizing. It is a beautiful story for all ages about family, love, and the power of forgiveness through the eyes of a very awakened 13-year-old boy named Nathan, and how he changes his thoughts through his father’s illness, his family’s struggles, and a dreamworld that brings new awareness to light.”
– Dr Robert Morse N.D., D.Sc., M.H., www.dmhhc.com

“Power of the Light is a story with a message of hope for families who are faced with fear of the unknown – specifically when a family member is diagnosed with cancer.
“Having lived through a ‘terminal’ cancer diagnosis myself, and due to the conscious lifestyle choices I made that set me on a path to optimal health, I can relate to the importance of the messages in Power of the Light. Since my cancer diagnosis, I have now been actively following a raw vegan lifestyle for 20 years and, at the age of 64, I set a World Record for running 366 consecutive marathons while running around Australia. Now, at the age of 70, I am still running marathons due to my ongoing conscious lifestyle which keeps me in a state of optimal health.
“I believe that Power of the Light is a timely story with a positive message for all humanity, a story that shows the power of positive thinking, the power of light through love, and the power of raw living foods.”
– Janette Murray-Wakelin, author, Raw Can Cure Cancer, https://rawveganpath.com

“While Power of the Light is written as a novel it most certainly represents hundreds, if not thousands, of real-life alternative healing testimonials. This story is inspiring and thought provoking, and seems to parallel my own healing journey with breast cancer. I applied the energetic ‘Power of the Light’: eating organic raw fruits and vegetables and balancing the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life by addressing unfinished business. The result was that I was able to repair, regenerate and restore my body, mind and overall health. The journey was profoundly intense, yet simple, non-toxic, non-invasive and more importantly – incredibly effective! In my opinion, cancer and so many other diseases are only symptoms of a body that is out of harmony physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Once given the proper tools, my body completely healed.”
– Linda Christina Beauregard, author, I Gave Myself Cancer, I Can Take It Away – Alternatives Brought Me Back To Life

“An excellent message that needs to be shared with the community. I get a little frustrated when I hear so much ‘stuff’ on the media about the latest research and treatments for cancer. Fear is the biggest killer, not the tumour. I have worked with people who have cancer and although I recommend high doses of nutrition, I also know that the mind work is half the battle. Love your disease: it is a message to make changes – a lot better than fighting it or hating it.”
– Elaine Stoeckel, naturopath

“Adversity can strike in anyone’s life and if it does, you have two choices: either you lie down and wallow in your sadness and helplessness and submit to the disease, or you work through it and head for a better life.In Power of the Light, Liliane Grace accurately depicts the devastation that comes to a family with a cancer diagnosis, and the various responses that each one brings to the situation.
“When I was diagnosed with cancer I was initially shocked because I thought I was young and healthy. The confusion of the sudden diagnosis and the decisions I needed to make about the necessary treatment created great pressure as I also had a family to care for. I came to understand that I needed healing not just for my body, but also in my spirit and in my soul.
“I am grateful for the body’s wonderful ability to heal itself when given the correct nutrition and mindset. Liliane offers the keys to handling adversity through several thought-provoking ideas that will enable readers to live life to the best of their ability. A simple-to-read, easy-to-understand, difficult-to-put-down, must-have book.”
– Yvonne Chamberlain, author of Why Me? Kicking Cancer and other life changing stuff!

“What a refreshing honour it was to read your latest novel. I thought the cancer story was very honest. The automatic option is to choose chemo and radiotherapy, which can do awful things to your body. It is while you are at your most vulnerable, waiting for the chemo to do its thing, that your mind explores options, reasons, what we take into our bodies, relationships, and the meaning of life. You have covered all of this so nicely. Cancer can be seen as an opportunity, not a death sentence. That is how I saw it at the time, and still do.”
– Jennifer Mannell, physiotherapist and cancer conqueror

“I loved it! I think it’s exciting to be able to take ownership of everything we create, not in the form of blame or self-hate but total empowerment.”
– Amber Mason, counsellor

“Everyone needs to read this book. I was sad when I had finished – I could have read on and on... The wisdom is precious. I will highlight it so I can remember the process. I laughed to myself when I realised the words ‘creator’ and ‘reactor’ have the same letters in them. That was my biggest pivotal moment in the book. I would have no hesitation recommending this book to my entire community. The concepts are phenomenal. I’ve been on this spiritual journey for 35 years but it changed the way I look at the world. Totally amazing.”
– Julie Lewin, Medical Intuitive and author of The Art of Self-Healing

“Liliane has the most amazing gift of sharing profound lessons through story. Power of the Light is an engaging, thought-provoking read that is so perfect in times of uncertainty, for young people and adults alike. Liliane shares an empowering message of taking control of our own health and destiny, something we all would benefit from doing more of!”
– Stephanie Kakris, Creator of ‘Higher Wisdom’ Parenting Oracle Cards


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