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Thought-Provoking Fiction

The Champion Series, Liliane GraceThe Champion Series is a series of picture books for children aged 7-10. These books tell the stories of modern-day leaders who persisted through many challenges until their childhood goal was achieved.

Conceived by Robert Kennaugh, author of
Family Magic, and Liliane Grace, author of The Mastery Club, The Champion Series will encompass a range of subjects from all fields of endeavour, including the arts, sports, education and health.

These books showcase the artistic skill of Yvette Bentata-Moore, who launched her career as a book illustrator with The Champion Series, and Nancy Robinson, our accomplished graphic artist.

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“I was quite surprised when my 4-year old girl wanted me to read her your book The Boy Who Barkedas I thought it would be a book for older kids only. She was mesmerized by the story and sat through the whole thing in one go! We have since read the book quite a few times.”

– Anneli Asplund, mother.

“The book was great. I read it to my son [12 years old]. At first he wasn’t interested as he knows we listen to John Demartini CDs occasionally but once I started reading it to him he listened carefully. He even asked questions and we had a little discussion about his life and the challenges he overcame. It was a great read and I will happily recommend it to others that I meet.”

– Stephen Burman, father.