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Liliane Grace, Keynote Speaker, The Mastery Club, After Dinner Speaker, Dynamic Speaker, Guest Speaker, Powerful PresentationsLiliane is a fun-loving, vibrant and engaging speaker who offers a range of presentations from short one-hour talks to extended workshops.

She has spoken at Writers Festivals and book launches, for Service Clubs, Assocations and private organisations, and on cruise ships...

In 2009 Liliane was a Guest Lecturer on Rhapsody of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, where she was invited to present seminars or workshops on a variety of topics, including Writing Skills and Personal Development themes. Liliane was touched by her growing audience: by the last session the room was packed to capacity, with guests sitting on the floor at the front, standing against the back wall, and unable to enter the room.

Favourite themes include: The Mastery Club (naturally), Creating the Life of your Dreams, Writing topics, and more.

Liliane occasionally incorporates a slide show but favours direct engagement and interaction over a technologically-driven presentation. (see testimonials below)

Some of Liliane's topics:

  • Create the Life of Your Dreams - The Three Keys I Used To Transform My Life That Will Work For You Too.
  • Act on Your Dreams – an honest account of my childhood dreams, failures and successes, and a call to action regarding your dreams.
  • Empowering Youth – are you honouring your dreams? (a talk for adults/parents/teachers)
  • Become a Wandless Wizard - Magic and Mastery For Kids & Teens (or teachers).  
  • Identity – the x-factor of lasting change.
  • Steak and Whisky on Life's Path – the secret truth about affirmations.
  • Increase your Immunity to Cancer – an Introduction to the Demartini Method
  • The Writing Series
    • Overcome Writer’s Block and Learn the Secrets to Masterful Writing
    • Write to Heal Your Relationship With Yourself
    • Conflict in Life and Literature – viewing our lives as story to learn from them
    • Self-Publishing – the Pain & the Pleasure

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This video is an excerpt from a talk – more recent clips coming...

Speaker Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Liliane Grace speak on several occasions. She was invited to speak at our networking event to inspire the women to create the life of their dreams. Liliane has the ability to draw in her audience in such a way that she takes us on a journey right through to the heart of her story. She is articulate, engaging and an accomplished speaker who I believe should speak to thousands.”
- Ludwina Dautovic, New Media Specialist and Co-Found of TRX (The Room Xchange)
“I recently went to an evening where Liliane Grace was one of the speakers: To me she was the standout of the evening! She was a joy to hear, her bubbly, enthusiastic, optimistic approach to her talk provided wonderful, positive information (not just for writers) in an exciting way that, to me was so contageous I immediately went home and began writing more pages to my book, which I hadn’t added to for quite awhile! It is still going, but I know I can finish it, and feel re-ignited, and inspired to keep at it! Thank you Liliane! I urge anyone who has the opportunity to hear her speak or read her book (no matter what your age!) to do so. You will be glad you did!”
- Janine Hutt, at a Visionary Business Leaders event
“She Rocked the House! Liliane Grace presented at a marketing seminar that I ran. She presented late in the afternoon – typically a slower time. And let me tell you she rocked the house; the audience was enthralled by her honest and candid story of her self-publishing journey. And everyone attending got some valuable tip to take away with them. I recommend her whole-heartedly as your next speaker.”
- John Anderson, Ex-Visionary Business Leaders International; now Hot Property Ezine
“I only had to attend the first session of Liliane Grace's 'Writing Mastery' course to know she knows her stuff! Wow! Her confident and vivacious style warmed the audience up quickly, and she delivered her material in a well-designed series of steps that had everyone fully engaged. Liliane is clearly an experienced presenter who is able to bring out the “inner writer” in everyone attending her program. Liliane, you score 10 out 10!”
- Paul Puckridge, Training Director, The Success Institute
“Our Rotary Club had Liliane Grace as a guest speaker. Liliane is an author of books for teenagers and she was one of the best speakers I have heard in the time I have been in Rotary and others at our club shared that sentiment. I urge you to consider inviting her to your club. I am presently reading her book ‘The Mastery Club’ and am thoroughly enjoying it”.
- Philip Rowell, Rotary Club of Brighton North (from an endorsement email sent to another cluster of Rotary Clubs)
“Liliane Grace is truly someone that has walked the ‘mastery path’ and continues to be a source of inspiration and illumination for so many people. After recently speaking at our Life’s Precious Gift seminar event she had the remarkable presence and spirit to captivate the audience and take them on a journey of self-discovery and self-exploration. Through her own remarkable story of expanded possibility and perseverance to follow one’s dreams, Liliane left the audience feeling both uplifted and encouraged. If you’re looking for a speaker with the ‘chutzpah’ to move the heart and soul - then Liliane Grace is the person that I’d be delighted to recommend!"
- Les Price, Director, Enspirited Business Solutions
“I've really enjoyed the program, and full marks (from a fellow presenter), for the quality of your process. Lots of state change, framing, anchors... NLP! I liked the flow, and the balance between information and activity.”
- Roy Mears, student of writing course, May 2010
“Liliane Grace is an amazing speaker, with the magical ability to take listeners on a believable journey, which will lead you to achieving your dreams. The Champion Series showcases two people who defied all odds and created their own destinies, despite the hardships, challenges and negativity they endured along the way. They show us that anything is possible, and the ONLY tool you need is the belief in yourself. Liliane, thank you for dedicating your time to coming to speak to our group, we were all blown away by the enormity of your stories, and look forward to seeing more of your magical work.”
- Keren Loyer, Co-President of WIZO Matan, June 2010
“Liliane Grace has a magnetic stage presence and her message is compelling. This diminutive and exuberant communicator is passionate about the power of knowledge; of knowing oneself and sparking our desire for continuous learning. She has some contrary views on education which make complete sense and provoke many 'aha' moments. She knows about children, especially teens, and what motivates them and how to get them motivating themselves. On writing, Liliane, an award winning author speaks about unlocking our creativity, even though most of us discount our creativity. With any of her presentations, the 'take homes' are enormous, empowering and illuminating.”
- Brian James, Brian James Communication Services
"Thank-you for such an awe-inspiring, energetic and passionate presentation. It was gripping, engaging and delivered with such intelligence, originality and integrity. It is all too easy to believe limitations are preordained in our lives. It is a lot harder fronting up to ourselves and admitting we set our own limitations when we opt out of working hard and taking chances to alter our present circumstances and realise our dreams."
- Julia Reichstein, Librarian, Mentone Public Library
"We have seen a lot of authors and presentations at this library over the past five years. I can honestly say though, I have never seen a presentation and never wanted it to end. I am sad that it is over! Absolutely fantastic."
- Tony Brooker, Acquisitions, Mentone Public Library