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Thought-Provoking Fiction

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This is a writing course with a difference. 'Writing (& life) Mastery' will take you on a deep exploration of your life story just as much as it will take you on an exploration of the story-writing genre.

• If you’ve ever struggled with a blank page, you’ll soon be learning a useful, practical tool to help those words flow. 

• If you’ve re-read something you’ve written and thought, ‘That’s flat and boring – it could be so much better!’, you’ll find tips and techniques for making your writing much more impactful. 

• Equally, if you’ve ever wished your life was better, if you’ve ever wondered what went wrong, what happened to those childhood dreams – the successful career, the lover from heaven, the financial freedom, the ‘Happy Family’, the dream holidays... you’ll find some new perspectives and possibilities in this course. 

• If you’ve ever avoided a social gathering because you were ashamed, you didn’t want to be compared with others who had achieved more, whether family members or past classmates at school reunions; if you’ve ever looked at the cycles of your life and thought, ‘Oh no, not this again!’, then this e-course is for you. 

This is a downloadable course in 10 modules so you can advance at your own pace.

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Or, if you prefer a classroom environment...

Unleash Your Creativity and Impact Your Readers!

Liliane's signature course for mastering Creative Writing. A six-week or two-day program where you can benefit from Liliane’s twenty years experience as a Creative Writing teacher.

If you’d love to tap into your creativity and express yourself more fully, this is for you!

✭    Bust the Talent Myth
✭    Overcome Writer’s Block
✭    Unleash Your Creativity
✭    Build Confidence
✭    Learn How to Write Impactfully
✭    Connect with Your Inner Resources
✭    Gain Insights into Character
✭    Understand the Subtleties of Language
✭    Recognise the Key to Originality and Genius in Writing
and more...

Valuable for those wishing to write fiction or non-fiction.

Writing Mastery class Writing Mastery class

Feedback to 'Writing Mastery'

Thank you. I have greatly enjoyed your inspiring teaching style. I have wanted to write a book for years and now have the tools and confidence to start.
– Felicity Slee
Inspiring. Rekindled a love of writing. Solved the problems I had with ‘writer’s block’ insecurity. Am now planning to do some hard-core writing – something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before. Thank you.
– Doovi Bell
Liliane’s passion for her craft is contagious and she is a pleasure to learn from! Liliane has a gift for teaching technical skills with light-heartedness and creativity... Have definitely increased my confidence and desire to write more!”
- Sula Blake
Full of gems. I think my approach to writing is totally changed, my perception of the writing process is different and I will enjoy the process more... The key points are very powerful. Thanks so much.”
- Steve Durie
Thanks for the space provided - many small tools and a non-judgemental attitude helping all to start and experiment... Very enjoyable, a great moment in my week - good company - I came out feeling stronger, clearer and equipped with very good ideas for the writing I want to do - so thanks!
- Alain Jacque
I remember feeling naked and vulnerable on week one, but by the sixth week I had shoes, socks, gloves, hats, skirts, jackets, pants, scarves and jewellry! A budding writer with a fashionable wardrobe with which to dress my stories. I loved it.
- Laura Hamilton
A stimulating, nurturing and hilarious ride, Liliane’s course helped unleash a creative side of mine that had been waiting forever to surface!
- Roger Bergner


Writing Mastery 6 week program: $400; $350 early bird price. Dates and venue scheduled intermittently.
Writing Mastery 2-day program: $350; $320 early bird price. Dates and venue scheduled intermittently. 
Writing (& Life) Mastery 10 module e-Course: $180.00 for 10 downloadable modules. Start any time and work at your own pace!

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, or to express your interest in the group program. Or you can phone her on 0407 901 008.


Liliane also offers

* a follow-on 6-month program called Writing IT, in which participants focus on projects of their own. Please email if interested;

Writing Coaching: one-on-one private tuition mostly by email with initial face-to-face, phone or skype meetings;

Guest Speaking: topics range from writing themes for Writers Festivals or book launches, to other inspirational topics.