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Thought-Provoking Fiction

Do you have a book idea burning inside you that needs a little help to get out?

Liliane is available for one-on-one coaching to support that process, whether you need a writing coach, an editor, or a 'ghost'!

Take advantage of her skills in both creative writing and personal development to take your manuscript to a high level.

  A Writing Coach supports you in writing your project. 

If you're a beginner writer, you'll be coached in powerful writing techniques; if you're already a strong writer and just need assistance with keeping on track, you'll be kept accountable so that you achieve your goal. It's up to you to ask for what you want.

  An Editor checks your work for correctness of grammar, fluency of expression, and cohesiveness.

Do you struggle with grammar and punctuation rules? Does your book make sense? Do the ideas unfold in logical sequence? Does it work together as a whole? Is it as impactful as it could be?

Contact Liliane for more information about editing. She will most likely offer to edit/respond to a few pages of your work at no charge to give you an idea of how she works and what she feels is needed to achieve your goals.

Some writers appreciate a joint Writing Coach/Editor where they will teach, coach and correct your errors as you produce your masterpiece!

Hot off the press news!

Liliane’s writing client Elizabeth Farrell has just had her YA manuscript, Willow Bloom and the Dream Keepers accepted for publication by a UK company! And ex-writing student, Sara Vidal, has just launched her book Bella and Chaim, The Story of Beauty and Life. Congratulations, Liz and Sara!

  A Ghostwriter writes the book for you.

If you're a novice writer or simply too busy to invest the time in mastering the craft of writing but you have a wonderful idea that you'd like to see written and published, a ghostwriter is probably your best option. Called a 'ghost' because their name does not appear on the book, a ghostwriter can be the best option for someone who wants to build their credibility as a knowledge expert of some type by authoring a book, but lacks the skill or time to write it.

Different fees apply to these different services. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternately, consider Liliane's writing e-course. if you've already completed Writing Mastery, consider Writing IT, Liliane's six month program for a small group of people wishing to work on their specific writing project.