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Thought-Provoking Fiction

• Only 37% of Australian employees are engaged in their work. 

• Mental health costs Australia $33.6 billion in lost revenue due to disengaged staff.

The Mastery Club® 10 Lessons Program teaches success principles and practices through lively activities and thought-provoking discussions. 

Enrol your team and watch them:

  • Take greater responsibility for their attitude, mindset and results
  • Fine-tune their goals so they are compelling and achievable
  • Implement the 4 criteria for successful goal-achievement found by the Dominica University research study
  • Support and challenge each other in setting and achieving their personal and business goals
  • Apply the powerful and proven tools of mindfulness and visualisation
  • Create inspiring Treasure Maps of their goals and dreams, both personal and corporate
  • Develop greater resilience and grit, and the ability to extract gold from adversity
  • Discover how to centre and ground themselves, and how to turn any situation to their advantage
  • Master the ‘G.R.O.W.’ Formula
  • Learn from an inspiring surprise guest speaker…

• Aligned with Positive Psychology 

• Inspired by the groundbreaking work of Behavioural Expert Dr John Demartini, and endorsed by him. 

"Liliane Grace's The Mastery Club® 10 Lessons Program, books and workbooks have inspired, empowered and catalyzed meaningful and fulfilling actions in thousands of today's youth. The Mastery Club has the power to transform any of those it reaches. It is a must for today's youth and tomorrow's leaders."

- Dr. John Demartini, Founder of the Demartini Institute, Human Behavioral Specialist, international educator and best-selling author, www.drdemartini.com

"As an adult I have spent thousands of dollars attending numerous seminars and reading hundreds of books in my pursuit of teachings that Liliane has now encapsulated within The Mastery Club. I have emailed everyone I know inviting them to also enjoy this magnificent book." 
- Dr Terry Molloy, entrepreneur

Facilitated by dynamic Presenter, award-winning Author and Founder, Liliane Grace, The Mastery Club® 10 Lessons Program is based on a ‘personal development novel’ for youth that teaches timeless principles and practices through story.

Don’t let your kids outdo you!!!!! 

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