Thought-Provoking Fiction

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Australian youth are caught up in the worldwide tide of fantasy fiction like Harry Potter, the Twilight Series and The Hunger Games, but how many of them are going to stumble upon a dragon’s egg or have to fight the ‘Forces of Darkness’?

“On the other hand,” Melbourne author Liliane Grace asks, “how many youth could do with some help creating some magic in their own lives – some real magic?”

Fight Club is in the news. It’s a confrontational and violent novel by Chuck Palahniuk about young men who meet to fight and thus formally object to a materialistic, ‘cushy’ world that only offers human warmth to those who are ill. VCE students are currently studying the book and film in Literature classes – a book that makes reference to the ingredients used to produce explosives, and a film that has created a cult following and stimulated youth in the U.S. to form their own fight clubs.

Liliane Grace, Melbourne author of The Mastery Club, questions the value that youth will gain by studying Fight Club and asks parents which sort of Club they would prefer their kids join – a Fight Club or a Mastery Club, in which youth are invited to take responsibility for achieving their goals and dreams? 


The Mastery Club, by award-winning Melbourne author, Liliane Grace, is encouraging students to decide their end-of-year results RIGHT NOW, and to do so by taking advantage of principles practised in sports psychology for years.

Athletes visualise and mentally rehearse the behaviours they want to produce, and school students can use the same strategies to improve their end-of-year results, enhance friendships, develop new skills and attract new opportunities.

Most people think good school marks are the result of hard work, but the truth is that hard work is not the only key ingredient.