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Thought-Provoking Fiction


The Mastery Club, by award-winning Melbourne author, Liliane Grace, is encouraging students to decide their end-of-year results RIGHT NOW, and to do so by taking advantage of principles practised in sports psychology for years.

Athletes visualise and mentally rehearse the behaviours they want to produce, and school students can use the same strategies to improve their end-of-year results, enhance friendships, develop new skills and attract new opportunities.

Most people think good school marks are the result of hard work, but the truth is that hard work is not the only key ingredient.


This novel for adolescents draws on timeless philosophies about the creative power of the mind as well as insights gleaned from quantum physics. It inspires young people to take responsibility for their lives by applying a number of simple strategies.

"Powerful ideas are expressed with utter simplicity."

- Sunday Star Times, New Zealand, Sept 2007.

Visit https://lilianegrace.com to watch a clip in which 10 year old Andrew Kennaugh describes how he used the ideas in The Mastery Club to plan his end of year results – and succeeded.

Read the testimonials of children and teenagers who are applying the concepts, such as:

* Celeste who achieved top of her intermediate maths year despite not being strong in maths.

* Najma, who describes how she is now more confident after visualising this outcome.

* Nicole, who overcame all sorts of obstacles to achieve a Championship in Gymnastics.

“Not merely an adolescent book, The Mastery Club is definitely an enthralling and timeless book for all ages. The author has successfully pulled together facts, tools and techniques of the power of the mind and blended them into this wonderful story.”

Conscious Living Magazine, Australia, March 2007.

* Winner of a Bronze Medal in the U.S. Independent Publishers Awards 2007, Young Adult Fiction category.

* Endorsement by parents, teachers, ministers, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and Futurist and Strategist, Dr Peter Ellyard, among others – and, most importantly, by young people themselves. [Read their comments online at www.themasteryclub.com.au]

* The Mastery Club is now being used as a text in schools. [Teacher comments also online.]

* Inspiring young (and older) to start up their own Mastery Clubs.

Book Reviewers: copies of The Mastery Club are available upon request.

Interested readers can download the first four chapters and start reading or listening now.

Liliane Grace is an Australian freelance writer. She has won several short story awards, including First and Second Prize in the 2004 Australasian Short Story Award.

Published by Grace Productions. ISBN 0-9775508-0-X.

“You know, they really teach the school year backward,” he said, offering the chocolates again. “It would be much more useful if you kids decided your end of year results at the beginning of the year.”

I looked at him doubtfully. “What do you mean?”

“What a cool idea!” Nina interrupted enthusiastically. “Instead of hoping and wishing, you visualise what you want from the start. You could plan on straight As if you wanted to.”

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