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Thought-Provoking Fiction

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Australian youth are caught up in the worldwide tide of fantasy fiction like Harry Potter, the Twilight Series and The Hunger Games, but how many of them are going to stumble upon a dragon’s egg or have to fight the ‘Forces of Darkness’?

“On the other hand,” Melbourne author Liliane Grace asks, “how many youth could do with some help creating some magic in their own lives – some real magic?”


Grace’s ‘personal development novel’ for youth communicates empowering messages and character-building success strategies through a story about a green-haired girl and her ‘Mastery Club’.

“Young readers have applied the principles in the book to achieve magic in their daily lives,” Ms Grace says.

Results include:

  • • scholarships
  • • greater confidence
  • • better attitudes regarding friendships and school issues
  • • saving to buy a $2000 computer (achieved)
  • • improved results in music exams, maths tests, etc.
  • • running a self-initiated Mastery Club for 18 months that generated results for participants in areas ranging from academic to sporting to hobbies.

Adults into their 80s are also enjoying and benefiting from this novel for youth, endorsements for which have flowed from leaders such as:

-> Psychologist and Director of SuperCamp Australia, Heather Yelland, who has committed to giving a copy of The Mastery Club to each SuperCamp graduate;

-> Canadian Psychologist Ken Pierce, co-author of The Dance of Bullying, A Breakthrough Tool for Teachers & Parents, who uses the book in his practice;

-> Dr John Demartini, international Behavioural Expert, who was so impressed with the book that he volunteered the Foreword;

-> Futurist and Strategist, Dr Peter Ellyard, who describes the book as assisting youth in transforming from ‘future takers to future makers’;

-> UK Life Coach and Founder of Teen Breakthrough, Theresa Day, who is currently training to teach Mastery Club programs in Scotland.

Author Liliane Grace has achieved her own magic. Defying publisher rejections, The Mastery Club has quietly become an Australian bestseller (12,000+ copies) and is now available in China. A program based on the book is being taught in the UK.

For more information on how Aussie youth can create real magic in their day-to-day lives, contact Liliane Grace: PH: 0407 901 008

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