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Local author says no; there is a Hidden Order.

To most people life looks chaotic and unjust, but local Melbourne author Liliane Grace has just released a book for teens that challenges this view.

Addressing big issues like war and peace, health and illness (including cancer, which is currently affecting/now predicted to affect one in two people), and challenging relationships, her ‘personal development novel’, The Hidden Order – can you see it? presents the idea that life is, in fact, perfectly orderly.


This order, she claims, is readily perceived by the wisest among us, and she challenges the young characters in her book and the youth reading her book to become ‘Order detectives’ and discover it for themselves.

“No-one would argue with the Law of Gravity,” Liliane Grace says. “We all know that if we step off the edge of a building, unless we’re strapped to a hang glider, we’re going down.

“But most of us spend most of our lives arguing with two other equally profound universal laws, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Conservation. The Hidden Order, describes those Laws through story so that readers will understand how to work with them and experience greater ease, harmony and balance in their lives.”

Key ideas from the book include:

  • • the first question to ask in the quest for Order: “What are you making it mean?”
  • • an explanation of the Law of Polarity (two-sidedness of all phenomenon), and how to apply this principle;
  • • an explanation of the Law of Conservation (nothing is created or destroyed but merely changes form), and clues re how to track changing forms.

Canadian Psychologist, Ken Pierce, says of The Hidden Order, “Read it yourself first and then offer it to your children. Because if they read it first, they may leave you behind in the dust of their own evolution.”


The Hidden Order, which was launched on July 15th at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre, is the sequel to Ms Grace’s first book, The Mastery Club, a prize-winning novel about five kids who form a club to support each other in achieving their goals and dreams. The first book introduced universal principles and taught practical success strategies through story, and, in Liliane Grace’s characteristically controversial style, provided refreshing new perspectives on that perennial issue, bullying. The Hidden Order continues the characters’ goal-setting adventures but at a much deeper level

For further information on how to perceive the ‘hidden order’, contact Liliane Grace – phone 0407 901 008; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download Word document here.