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Thought-Provoking Fiction

“Move over Harry there’s a new wizard in town and her magic isn’t confined to the realm of fantasy” …

Mike Alexander, The Sunday Star Times, New Zealand, Sept 07

Young people are setting and achieving their goals, inspired by an almost unknown book called The Mastery Club, and its heroine, a green-haired girl called Nina.

This award-winning novel for adolescents by Melbourne author, Liliane Grace, draws on timeless philosophies about the creative power of the mind and inspires young people to take responsibility for their lives. It is a veritable treasure chest of life-affirming principles and resources, demonstrating how to set goals, visualise and use affirmations.


The narrator, Natalie, has long been fascinated by witches, wizards and the world of fantasy, but she wants to be able to do real magic. When green-haired, unpredictable Nina bursts into her life with a plan to form a ‘Mastery Club’, Natalie’s mind and world are opened up to some startling possibilities and a colourful, creative family.

 The Mastery Club is winner of a Bronze Medal in the U.S. Independent Publishers Awards 2007, Young Adult Fiction category. A self-publishing success story, it is currently in its third print run since its launch in July 2006. This unique book features a Foreword by international speaker, author and consultant, Dr John Demartini, and endorsement by parents, teachers, ministers, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and futurist and strategist Dr Peter Ellyard among others – and, most importantly, by young people themselves. But it's not just for kids – The Mastery Club is attracting enthusiastic responses from readers of all ages and backgrounds. (Read the testimonials on www.themasteryclub.com.au) Already young (and older) are starting up their own Mastery Clubs in response and the book is being used as a text in schools.

"Powerful ideas are expressed with utter simplicity."

- Sunday Star Times, New Zealand, Sept 2007.

"The Mastery Club is part teenage fiction, part worldly wisdom and part law of attraction. It is well written and moves along at a nice page... having spoken to some young readers, it was clear that not only did they enjoy the book, but they were inspired by it as well, some having started their own mastery clubs." - Succeed Magazine, Australia, Aug/Sept 2007.

“Not merely an adolescent book, The Mastery Club is definitely an enthralling and timeless book for all ages. The author has successfully pulled together facts, tools and techniques of the power of the mind and blended them into this wonderful story.” – Conscious Living Magazine, Australia, March 2007.

Liliane Grace is an Australian freelance writer. She has won several short story awards, including First and Second Prize in the 2004 Australasian Short Story Award. Visit https://lilianegrace.com to download the first four chapters of The Mastery Club and start reading now!

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