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Thought-Provoking Fiction

Does life imitate art? Singer/actress Miley Cyrus is famous for her role as fictional pop star Hannah Montana, a sitcom that gave rise to her own singing career.

In 2016 Melbourne author and writing coach, Liliane Grace, was teaching a course on Novel-Writing at the Council of Adult Education when she decided to join her students in writing a novel, and dusted off an idea that had been waiting in her filing cabinet for some eight years. She finished writing the novel, a romance called Wanted: Greener Grass, in November 2015, and a week later a new man turned up in her own life.


Quite happily married (de facto), Ms Grace had not been looking for a new partner and had no intention of leaving her existing long-term partner (29 years…), but she found herself facing a dilemma.

‘Six weeks after meeting him I was confronted with the exact same choice as my main character Mia in my novel,’ Grace said.

She made her choice and her personal life has since been turned upside down. Grace married the new man in February 2018 and remains on good terms with her ex-partner, who has also been her business partner for many years, and co-published the book that caused all the upheaval. 

Wanted: Greener Grass – a novel about love, envy, and a crazy kind of courage by Liliane Grace is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Wanted-Greener-Grass-Novel-Courage/dp/0992535042/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512085040&sr=8-1&keywords=wanted+greener+grass

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