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Thought-Provoking Fiction

Bullying Report coverBullying is a troubling issue affecting more and more families, schools and organisations, but most approaches miss some of the critical elements that hold the key to change.

Dr John Demartini , the Internationally renowned Behavioural Specialist, and Ken Pierce, a Canadian Psychologist and co-author of The Dance of Bullying – a breakthrough tool for teachers and parents, offer powerful ways of viewing and dealing with this dynamic.

Inspired by their perspective, I incorporated the key messages into my personal development novels for youth, The Mastery Club and sequel The Hidden Order. I’ve focused on them in an article I wrote called, ‘Let’s Bully on Purpose in Schools’. That confrontational title was not just written to catch your attention! It’s part of a deliberate proposal and strategy to drill communication skills, resilience, and selfesteem as diligently as we drill multiplication tables.

Children who do not develop these skills when they are young carry playground and classroom problems with them into adult life: they become bullies or find themselves at the effect of bullying. Escalating rates of domestic violence are just one example of this but the list goes go on and on...

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