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Tahnee WoolfRelationships are evolving! People are opting for open marriages, polyamoury, and all sorts of variations! More and more separated couples are 'uncoupling consciously' and maintaining friendship and working relationships with their ex.

To listen to a fascinating 'conversation/interview' with Tahnee Woolf, co-creator of the Ten Terrains of Consciousness, about our relationships, evolution and separation, click the play button below, or click here if you'd like to download the audio file.


While I was on my honeymoon, my interview about compromise in relationships, ‘Our Deepest Secrets Revealed’, was aired.

Podcast Logo 1400x1400The author of this podcast is Sarah Findlay, an Australian publicist now living in California whom I met her through one of my editing clients, Cheryne Blom – thanks, Cheryne! We spent an interesting 40 minutes talking about my journey, especially in relation to my new book Wanted: Greener Grass.

You can access the interview (Compromise in Relationships: the Female Perspective) via a number of platforms:
GooglePlay Music:
And now also on Spotify!