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lush world avatarblogPeople around the world were captivated by James Cameron’s film Avatar, and his depiction of the Na’vi, a blue-skinned race living in a lush alien world.

But did this advanced people demonstrate a fall in consciousness?

Could they have responded differently to the American invasion of their planet?

And what’s the relevance of Avatar to today’s situation?

Some are saying that we are right now in World War III, but this time it’s not a war between nations but between the wealthy/powerful/controlling élites and the rest of humanity.

You won’t find much on the mainstream media about this but there are plenty of credible people making thought-provoking statements about the current world dynamics – everything from the virus and global lockdown to vaccination and eugenics, to subterfuge around the climate issue, to the huge inroads being made right now around the world into high-level funding of sex trafficking and paedophilia, to bizarre developments in the Monarchy, to a long-ago hatched plan to institute Communism worldwide… Extraordinary as it all sounds, if you dive down the rabbit hole you may find yourself confronted with enough evidence to figure that there must be something in it.

One speaker, who was commenting on alarming papers published on NASA’s website anticipating a war on humanity at large, made the observation that we ‘can’t win this war by a revolution – it will require a revelation’. These powers have the technological superiority and means to wipe dissenters out in a moment, so the solution is not resistance or battle; it’s got to be a growth in consciousness.

Which brings me back to Avatar: in case you haven’t seen it, they are an apparently primitive race but have a highly advanced sense of connection with each other and with Nature. Their gathering place is the ‘Hometree’, which is located above the largest deposit of the mineral unobtanium on their planet. American interests are, of course, keen to mine that mineral and don’t care about destroying the sacred tree, the environment in general, or the natives themselves.

I was hoping to see a game-changing response by the Na’vi – I wanted to see them applying their advanced spiritual awareness to thwart the lower consciousness of the Americans who were planning to attack them, but instead they dropped to the same level (imho) and battled it out.

Why not demonstrate their higher consciousness by using their minds and power of love to transform the situation rather than engaging in a game of defence and attack?

For the rest of this blog I’d like to share one of the Addendums to my new novel, Power of the Light, in which I expand on this idea of how we might win a war via higher consciousness.

POTL coverThe Next (current) War

We are truly in a war. It is not the war we imagine we are in, which is the way our true adversaries want it. It is not a foreign war against a foreign enemy. It is a war on consciousness, a war on our own minds.” – Paul Levy

It is no longer be possible to fight ‘the enemy’ with physical weapons: whoever has the greater or more sophisticated arsenal of weapons will win. The science fiction scenarios described in films like Star Wars (Artificial Intelligence and robot armies) and The Omega Man (pandemics as bioweapons) are today realistic scenarios.

Consequently, any major conflict can no longer be won by force. The ‘worthy opponent’ simply has too much physical and political power, even if that opponent only comprises 1% of the population. How, then, do the relatively unarmed ever vanquish their enemy?

Not by revolution, but by revelation.

By the power of the light.

By enlightened thinking and behaviour.

By responding to attack with love, poise and intelligence.

The response of love, poise and intelligence might not be easy, but it is possible.

If this sounds absurd to you, consider that a ‘miracle’ is simply the action of a higher law.

Criminal activity is a reaction to disempowerment, and punishment is a reaction to criminal activity, but when the number of meditators in a particular area reaches a critical number, violent crime in those areas decreases.

This outcome looks like a miracle but it’s simply the consequence of applying a higher law. Meditation has a stress-reducing and coherence-creating effect on individuals and society at large. Meditation is a higher law (= more enlightened response) than criminal activity.

Studies suggest there are underlying connections between individuals, and that a large enough group practising meditation will generate an extended ‘field-like’ effect in society. (The studies into this phenomenon demonstrate a significant result, not a random result. Eg. A study conducted between July 2006 and January 2007 by Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield Iowa.)

Just as only 1% of the population might be mal-intentioned but have the capacity to influence the other 99%, studies like the one mentioned above indicate that we only need 1% of the population meditating to see a significant effect. Imagine if more people were to apply this higher law... What would happen to the so-called enemy’s power?

This is a balanced universe: every positive is balanced by a negative, every particle by an anti-particle. There is no such thing as pure evil or pure good, as the yin/yang symbol reveals: light holds the potential for darkness and darkness holds the potential for light. Our ‘enemy’ is therefore also our ally, a ‘worthy opponent’: enemies challenge us to develop ourselves beyond what we might achieve in comfortable times.

Which brings us to one of the most transformational states of mind that exists: appreciation. When we consistently look for how an experience serves us, we activate an emotional frequency, or vibration, of love and gratitude. This enlightened state of mind is a higher law…

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D Roosevelt

POTL cover smallCOMING SOON!

The story in a nutshell:

When his father is diagnosed with cancer, Nathan escapes the stress at home by dreaming his way into a fantasy dimension. But even there, trouble is brewing as evil ‘Reactors’ take over the world. He joins a band of rebels led by a carefree woman called Rada, and as he struggles to understand her cryptic leadership style, he begins to realise that the messages he is hearing could help his sick father… and himself.

Power of the Light is an allegorical story that sheds light on the ancient

100AUDIf I handed you a $100 bill, would you...

  1. buy something that makes you feel good?
  2. save it?
  3. pay a bill?
  4. give it away?

Your answer reveals something of your money personality, your values, and your childhood programming.

It’s important to value ourselves, so (a) can be a worthy option, especially if we rarely treat ourselves. But if we can’t hold onto money, if

curtainsMore than ever, it is time to hold the vision of co-creating the world we want to experience. The world today is not as it was…

And I’m not talking about the virus and lockdown. For sure everything has changed due to the ‘deadly’ virus but once you look behind the curtain, you discover so much more you hadn’t known that the whole world changes shape.

man taped mouth2I shared some thoughts in my last blog about the current ‘pandemic’ and the agendas behind it, and the fact that, coming from a Holocaust background, the signs of increasing (and dictatorial) government control are alarming. 

Signing up for a tracking app is all too similar to the Star of David armband that the Jews were required to wear in WWII Germany and Poland, to my mind. Freedom of speech seems to be an endangered species…

So how is this story likely to end?

Writers know that you milk a storyline for as much drama as you can!

More and more people are beginning to ask questions about the virus and lockdown. One of my chief values is independent thought. I hope you'll join me in exploring some of the issues we are facing today...


More people, even in mainstream, are wondering why there are such severe travel restrictions given what is now emerging about the virus:

  • that it’s not nearly as dangerous as we were initially told
  • that the rate of death is on par with any year’s influenza statistics. (Details on this point below.)
  • that it is pneumonia in the wake of the virus that kills, not the virus itself. (See video link with epidemiologist below)
  • that the calls for a vaccine are suspicious since a patent for the virus was applied for in 2006 (US2006257852), and a patent for the vaccine was applied for in 2014 and granted in November 2019 (EP3172319B1)…

And then there are questions about the lockdown and enforced separations:

action ballsDid you know that Isaac Newton wrote his great work, Principia, during the Black Plague, when the university where he worked was closed for nearly two years from 1665 to late 1666?

During his ‘lockdown’ at home, Newton researched mathematics, physics and optics, and laid out the three laws of motion.

What are YOU doing with your time?

So far three new people have contacted me seeking book coaching or writing classes in order to take advantage of this period to work on their own projects. I’d love to support you too – and your kids!

Here are some options that might suit:

woman in mask holding toilet paperWe are living in extraordinary times. This is a unique world experience that we are having right now, and truly the biggest virus is probably fear. So here are some thoughts that I hope will serve you in combating anxiety and finding the upside of the coronavirus health issue and lockdown.

I call my e-newsletter/blog ‘The Whole News’ because I want to train myself to look at an issue completely; I want to be able to see both the benefits and the drawbacks, since every issue in life is two-sided. There are benefits for us personally and nationally and internationally. Here are some of my thoughts – please share your ideas in the comments area below.


powerful womanIt’s International Women’s Day this Sunday and I’d like to call upon women everywhere to harness their extraordinary creative power and stare down this ‘coronavirus’ panic!

From the point of view of living as conscious creators of our lives, it’s just crazy to keep focusing on it and giving it so much energy. It’s a basic principle of life that ‘what we feed, grows’. ‘Where the attention goes, the energy flows.’

The best way to protect yourself and your family is by keeping your and their immune systems resilient, and the best ways to do that are:

A long long time ago (2006)
I self-published a novel called The Mastery Club – See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible.

In 2007 it won an award for youth fiction
and I began giving talks and running workshops.
I received many many beautiful emails and messages of appreciation.

Within a couple of years I’d sold 5000 books,
putting it in the ‘Australian bestseller’ category.

In 2009 I was having coffee with an enthusiastic reader when she innocently asked me,
‘Is there anything I can do to help?’
‘Well, if you happen to know a film producer, that would be great!’ I joked.

Enter: The Universe.

bushfireI’m reading an article by Bill Gammage, who at the time of writing was an adjunct professor in the Humanities Research Centre of the Australian National University and author of prize-winning book, The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia. 

I first read this article years ago, and the magazine (Australian Book Review) has been kicking around among my things ever since. Suddenly I pick it up again and the timing is exquisite.

LeeKofman ImperfectI’ve just finished reading a book called Imperfect – How Our Bodies Shape The People We Become by Lee Kofman.

Lee was scarred as a result of several major operations when she was a child from injuries sustained in a bus accident and from a defective heart. To begin with, she saw her scars as ‘badges of honour’ but as a young woman in Israel,

Anita speakingUnightAs keynote speaker at the Sisters U-Night event on Friday in Romsey, Anita Bentata gave a punchy and passionate talk that touched on her own experiences as a young school-leaver, teen mum, and survivor of abuse.

It is particularly moving for me to hear her story, given our chequered relationship as sisters. Anita and I were very close when we were young