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JasnaFrom childhood Jasna Kasovac had recurring back aches and eye infections to the point of losing her sight for periods of time. Finally a practitioner identified the cause: the auto-immune disease spondylitis. The solution offered was a lifetime on medication. Jasna decided not to travel that path.


Instead, she looked for a more wholistic approach and found a naturopath/homeopath who suggested she try a completely raw, alkalising plant food diet as well as meditation and forgiveness… Six months later all her symptoms had reversed.

Jasna was so impressed by her own results that she became a nutritionist so that she could help others. She is available to be of service to you. Watch this 35-minute interview, which I’m launching on Monday 20th September, just as she begins a health-improvement challenge! (The idea is to remove one acidifying ingredient from your diet each week such as meat, dairy and refined products.)

For more information about this and Jasna's services, you can reach out to her directly via her website, www.jkwellnessnutrition.com. Jasna's own cookbook coming! Thank you for watching. Please share if so inspired!

Inspiring content as I launch my new novel Power of the Light, about a boy whose father has cancer and their healing journey that incorporates plant food and forgiveness... 

Here's some beautiful feedback about my novel from a 12-year-old boy, via his mother:

Samuel bounced into our room this morning saying he had finished Power of the Light and I asked him what were the main things he got out of it.

He answered 'self acceptance and forgiveness' and went on to add 'that when things go wrong or you make mistakes, you look at what happened and try to take something good out of it'. This is so, so great for him to get as he can be hard on himself when things don't go to plan.

He also pointed out all the health tips at the back of the book and commented about how they were weaved throughout the story.

It opened up an honest discussion about cancer. He had remembered the 1 in 2 cancer statistic that was mentioned in the story and voiced concern that he never wanted us to get it. We're aligned with your ideas about self healing and were able to reassure him about the same concepts that I assert were covered in the story. I don't feel like the hard reality of cancer was scorching for him as he's been in a great mood all day :)

Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled about the value he got from your story :) :)

Both his father and I are very much looking forward to reading the story next and Samuel's review in his own words is below:

"Great book, great morals. I like this book and read it in 2 days on top of school etc. It's also cool that there are health tips throughout but if you like your BBQ shapes maybe don't let your mum read it!"


- - I echo Sam's mother's 'Ha!' 😂 and I thank Sam for this lovely feedback. 🙏🏽

While we're on the forgiveness theme, here's a comment from an older man:

With ‘Power of the Light’ Liliane Grace has written another great novel that can be enjoyed by adolescents and adults alike. The story raised a number personal issues with me, in particular issues around son-father relationships, dealing with serious health issues within the family, attitudes on how to deal with fear and choices about medical treatments and diets. I believe this is a book for anybody who is open to challenge some of the entrenched, stereotypical opinions around us. - I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Power of the Light’.

Rainer Busch age 64

- - Thank you, Rainer! 🙏🏽

Bookstore link here if you'd like to order a copy!


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