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I promised to give the backstory to Quest For Riches, so here it is:

Camilla2Camilla Mendoza had been working with divorcées as a mortgage broker when she realised she had to do something about the number of women telling her that they left all money management and financial decisions to their husbands. Determined to change that dynamic, she created a workshop called ‘Money Mastery For Women’. Before long, those women were asking her to create a similar workshop for their children – and ‘Money Mastery For Teens’ was born.

In 2013 a mutual friend recommended The Mastery Club to her – thank you, Stephanie Kakris! Camilla, who was then working as a business coach in London, read it and loved it, and recognised that my genre is teaching through story. She reached out to me via Skype to ask if I would put the ideas she teaches in her Money Mastery For Teens workshop into a novel.

I was delighted to take the project on. My favourite thing in the world is to communicate empowering ideas through story, and there was clearly a very synchronous match between ‘Money Mastery For Teens’ and ‘The Mastery Club’.

Camilla specifically wanted the book to be about four teenagers who would represent the four ‘money personalities’. This is a powerful concept that she teaches in her program to help students recognise their patterns with money, their strengths and weaknesses, and also their family’s ‘money DNA’. She is passionate about inspiring young people to save and develop good money habits.

We agreed that a great way to demonstrate our characters’ different personalities and styles with money was by having them save up for some big experience – hence the trip to India. After brainstorming some ideas together, I headed into my ‘writer’s cave’ to research India and write the novel. The launch was delayed several times for various reasons, until we finally officially launched on 30th June this year!!!

QFR book trailerCamilla wasn’t able to attend the launch, being in Sweden, so I played a clip she has had made about Money Mastery For Teens to introduce her to the guests. I also played the trailer for the novel.

Enjoy! And please share the Quest For Riches trailer. Help a young person in your world develop better habits around money by buying them a copy of Quest For Riches. Most adults are juggling their many financial responsibilities and dreams, and this book can help you too.

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