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QFR launchSunday’s launch was a blast! We had a packed room, a great vibe, some compelling speakers and yummy food. Thank you to all who came to support, whether you were helping set up, or speaking, or buying books – or whether you were a supporter in the research phase! I am very grateful. 

We began the event with a few sobering statistics: 


  • Half of all American adults have more credit card debt than savings.
  • 25% have no savings at all.
  • Only 15% of the population is on track to fund even one year of retirement.
  • In Australia the car park of Chadstone Shopping Centre is the third largest in Australia after Melbourne and Sydney Airports…

The cause of the lack of savings is probably indicated by that last statistic. Clearly we are a dedicated consumer society – and as the wealthy know, those who prioritise consumables over things that increase in value are unlikely to ever experience great wealth.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development claims that many broad financial concepts are already established by the time we are seven years old, and that financial literacy is especially low among those aged 15-24, so financial education in youth is essential!

Be inspired to change your money habits, whether for your benefit or for your children’s benefit. Watch – and please share! – the Quest For Riches book trailer and help us get the message out that financial education is critical. [Also posted on Instagram (@lilianegraceofficial) and Facebook.]

QFR book trailerThank you again to my phenomenal guest speakers (pics below):

  • Ludwina Dautovic, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of The Room Xchange, who gave some compelling practical financial-parenting tips;
  • Edwina Ricci, Wellbeing Educator for 25 schools in the Maroondah district, who spoke about the role of financial education in wellbeing; and
  • Ken Allender, General Manager of the Lancefield and Romsey Community Bank, who was very complimentary about the value of Quest For Riches in establishing good money habits.

QFRLaunch LudwinaThank you to my India-research ‘informers’:

Thank you to those who helped at the launch: Albert Tapper, Carl Huybers, Josie Ruberto, Maxine and Ken Allender, Anita Bentata, Candy Russell, Cecilia Whiting, Dave Gillman, and anyone else I’ve missed who helped on the day! You are loved and appreciated.

Thank you to all who attended, who bought books, who are spreading the word…

And thank you to Camilla Mendoza, of Money Mastery For Teens, for asking me to write this book. (More on Camilla next time.)

Watch the trailer! (And click the 'Read More' to see more pictures from the launch.) 

 QFRLaunch Edwina

QFRLaunch Ken

QFRLaunch Mela

QFRLaunch Carmel2

QFRLaunch Sam

QFRLaunch sales

QFRLaunch Diskins

QFRLaunch Pete

QFRLaunch table



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