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The four teenagers in Quest For Riches head to India on a school trip. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to do the same – although if my Mastery Club/Hidden Order/Greek Islands experience is any indication, it won’t be long! – so I sought out Indians and people who have spent sustained time in India to guide me.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet some of those generous people at the launch on 30th June, but meanwhile I want to give them a big shout-out here: 

Details in the 'Read More' but meanwhile the names of these generous people are:

Himanshi Munshaw-Luhar of Beacon Holidays and Foodie Trails
Mela Joy, Founder of Touch of Spirit Tours
Rose Witherow
Carmel Scaringi
Surya/Guy Coape-Smith
Shyam Burman, Director of Primary Toys

and I'd like to thank Shyama Sasidharan for a great interview on Malayalam TV! 


  • Thank you to Himanshi Munshaw-Luhar of Beacon Holidays and Foodie Trails for assisting me in developing the school’s India-tour itinerary and for suggesting the homestay families. (Whilst in India, the four teenagers each have a homestay experience with a traditional Indian family. These hosts range from royalty to suburban families to peasants, and are all inspired by real people.)
  • Thank you to Mela Joy, Founder of Touch of Spirit Tours, who sent me lots of photos and notes from her travels that were immensely helpful, especially for some of the public transport parts of the students’ journey;
  • Thank you to Rose Witherow, who shared many colourful detailed stories that helped me to give my characters and locations substance;
  • Thank you to Carmel Scaringi, a friend who has returned to India, especially its ashrams, for several years, and shared some extraordinary ‘spirituality stories’ that I incorporated;
  • Thank you to Surya/Guy Coape-Smith, a friend who has been living in India for a few years and provided an excellent sounding board and authenticity-checker;
  • Thank you to Shyam Burman, Director of Primary Toys, who I met at a networking event and who then kindly invited me for lunch and to answer questions about India. Shyam’s ‘hair’ suggestion is incorporated in the book…

Shyama2 interviewThese pictures are of me being interviewed on Malayalam TV by Shyama Sasidharan, who was introduced to me by Siddharth Suresh of The Indian Sun. I’ll share the link to this interview as soon as it’s available. You might also see Shyama and her team of cameramen at the launch…

on Sunday June 30th, 2.30-4.30 pm
at 4Dverse Gallery, 118A Carlisle Street St Kilda East (upstairs, above Vegelicious)
Guest speakers who will have 5 minutes each to share a perspective on youth and money!
Delicious refreshments! Warmth! Laughter! Entertainment! Relaxation...
& the opportunity to buy an entertaining novel that will boost the financial literacy of your whole family.
RSVP 23/6: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0407 901 008 or Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/book-launch-novel-about-financial-literacy-for-teens-tickets-62029745639

Shyama interview cropped


• I should also thank Google and Trip Advisor… 

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