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No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I don’t have favourites! I love all my three kids with all my heart.

LG with THO 500But I think of my books as my children too. I went through a long gestation period with each one of them, labour pains, a birthing experience, infancy, etc. Some of my books are now adolescents – gosh, they grow up quickly! And some of them are still just toddling around…

But I love all of them – the journey they took me on, the insights, the growth, the sheer joy when people like you write back to thank me for them.

So this is...

* my thank you to YOU for your support since I started publishing my work.

* my best wishes and blessings to you for a rich and fulfilling festive season and New Year.

And it comes in the form of a gift to you that simultaneously gives some extra love to my most overlooked book-child: The Hidden Order.

This sequel to The Mastery Club was published in 2012 at a time when I was feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, so I never really got its promotional campaign moving properly. And it’s a pity because this is the book that took the longest to write of all my books because it required so much inner work on my part. I think of it as a hidden treasure...

Between now and 7th January I’m offering The Hidden Order paperback at half-price. That’s only $10 for the paperback version of the book that follows up on all the meaty ideas in The Mastery Club, and then takes them way further.

It’s about some of the tricker aspects of goal-setting.

LG THO armchair

It tackles some of life’s biggest issues, like war and peace, health and illness. (A favourite character has cancer.)

It claims that life only looks cruel and unfair because actually there’s a ‘hidden order’ at work.

It includes a puberty rite of passage for girls and a medicine walk.

It includes an indigenous character and his confronting ‘identity journey’. (Based on a true story.)

It includes a Greek Islands cruise. (I set that up in The Mastery Club so that I’d have to go on one ‘for research’ in order to write the sequel. Clever, huh! :-))

And so much more.

If you or your children enjoyed The Mastery Club and found yourself wondering what those characters might get up to next, then this book is for you. Give yourself or your loved ones a very well-priced gift and help me to love up my most overlooked child!

Your coupon code for the half-price deal from my website's online store is HIDDENORDER – https://lilianegrace.com/store

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