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The story in a nutshell:

When his father is diagnosed with cancer, Nathan escapes the stress at home by dreaming his way into a fantasy dimension. But even there, trouble is brewing as evil ‘Reactors’ take over the world. He joins a band of rebels led by a carefree woman called Rada, and as he struggles to understand her cryptic leadership style, he begins to realise that the messages he is hearing could help his sick father… and himself.

Power of the Light is an allegorical story that sheds light on the ancient theme of good versus evil whilst affirming healthy life choices that are backed by the latest research in nutrition, human behaviour, psychoneuroimmunology, biology and quantum physics. 

I decided to launch this book now because of the relevance of the zeitgeist: illness and fear, and agendas regarding control of the population via lockdown and potential mandatory vaccination/chipping, etc. We all face choices between following ‘the party line’ and conscious, deliberate creation of our lives. 

The current virus is being loudly proclaimed as wildly dangerous but the actual statistics don't back that up, and there is a very smelly trail of subterfuge that one can follow right to the feet of big institutions like the Centre for Disease Control, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Rockefeller Institute. I've shared some of the relevant links in past blogs and on my FB page but there are so many more…

Here's a snippet from the dreamworld part of the book:

He is walking along a street, vaguely aware of more streets on one side of him and fields on the other side. It’s a lovely, sunshiny, blue-sky day. The air feels warm and there’s something like hay in the fields. He walks along, humming a song.

The next minute he’s in a house with lots of people, a happy family of people, who are all talking at once and coming and going with doors opening and closing and stuff happening. A large man offers him some food and then someone calls, ‘It’s starting!’ and everyone goes into the lounge room to watch something on TV. He goes with them, finding a seat on the floor because the room is so crowded. It’s a really old-fashioned TV, like the sort his parents had when they were little. He wonders about that.

The screen flickers and crackles and then a frowning man with thick brown hair appears and makes an announcement.

“In times like these we must be realistic,” he says heavily, and the people in the room all stir a bit and murmur. “The time for dreaming is over. These are emergency measures. It looks serious because it is. Please adjust your picture to match the facts.”

Nathan looks around him at all the people who are watching the TV. Most of them are frowning.

“You see,” someone says, “I told you.”

The man on TV begins to make exactly the same announcement all over again. Somewhere in the house a door opens and a voice calls, “Yoohoo! Where are you?”

 “In here!” someone yells, and a moment later a woman wearing a glorious orange-patterned dress comes bursting into the room like a lovely warm breeze.

“You missed it,” someone says.

“Oh hooey,” she replies, with a quick shrug. She has a dimple in one cheek that makes her whole face light up. “That message is just hooey.”

“Don’t say that,” someone says. “These are dark times. We need to be careful.”

“Hooey!” the smiley orange person says again. “Hooey, hooey, hooey!”

Someone echoes the frowning TV man: “The time for dreaming is over. You can’t ignore the facts, Rada.”

“The time for dreaming is just starting,” Rada contradicts, leaning forwards with an intense smile. She straightens up. “So – who’s with me?”


A genuine pandemic right now is the explosion of chronic disease in people of all ages, from 4% in the 1960s to to 46% (among children!) today. One wonders why the government doesn't address this issue when simple non-interventionist solutions are being bellowed to the world from all sorts of reputable quarters. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease... so many of these conditions can be reversed through good nutrition and the removal of toxins from one's diet and environment. 

One reader told me he found my Power of the Light story quite dark (:-)); the beginning is dark, because finding out that your father has life-threatening cancer is a dark experience. But there are empowering transformative options and choices available to everyone, and I've introduced some of those in the book. And, of course, the key idea is that we don't resolve issues by fighting thte darkness but by turning on the light.

Here's a snippet from Nathan's real world story:

When he came home from school there was a funny feeling in the house. It was quiet, but it was usually quiet, so that was nothing new. His dad worked alone in a tiny study at the back of the house and could type away even if a bomb had gone off next door, as his mum often said, and she worked in the city and wouldn’t be home for a while.

Nathan dropped his school bag in his bedroom and walked to the kitchen. His mother had made him egg sandwiches for lunch and he hated egg sandwiches so he’d given them to Eric and now he was starving. He pulled the fridge door open and that was when he heard it, a little noise like a sob. He paused, listening, but it was quiet again so he turned back to the fridge. There it was: last night’s lasagne.

Food, fork, and he was on his way to the lounge room to watch TV when he heard it again. And this time that was definitely a sob. Someone was crying.

Nathan stopped again and cocked his head, listening. “Dad?” he called out, and the sobbing noise stopped. Instead, there was a murmur of voices and then a door opening and his mother said, “Nathe?”

“What are you doing home?” Nathan asked, turning toward her voice. She came around the corner from her bedroom and he saw that she had taken off those crazy-heeled shoes she wore to work but was still wearing her blue suit, although it didn’t look as sharp as it had that morning; it looked crumpled and the skirt was twisted. But it was her red eyes he noticed in particular, her red eyes and mussed-up hair.

“Hey, Nathe,” she said, and wrapped her arms around him, pressing him close. She was warm and smelt faintly of mint. He wriggled a bit; the container of lasagne was still in his hand and he didn’t want to drop it. “How was school?” she asked through a sniff.

“Okay,” he said. “Are you sick?”

“No!” she exclaimed in a strange voice, and loosened her grip on him so she could take a step back and look at him. “Why do you say that?”

“Well, you’re home early and you sound funny…”

“Oh.” His mother twisted her wedding ring for a moment, staring at the ground. Then she looked directly at him and took his hand. “It’s Dad, love. He’s sick.”

Brett would already be watching at his place and they liked watching at the same time so they could call each other to talk about stuff. “I’ll eat this and then I’ll go see him,” Nathan said, taking a step backwards, toward the lounge room.

“Okay,” she replied, without moving, just standing there, and her expression was so sad that he stopped where he was too. Tears were gathering in her eyes and spilling over.

“Why are you crying?”

“It’s not just – a cold,” she spurted out, in a voice that was snuffly with crying. “It looks bad.”

“What sort of bad?” Nathan asked, but he didn’t really want to know.

She shook her head, unable to speak, wiping the back of her hand across her nose, and crying more and more.


Feedback from two teenage readers:

“I really liked this book! Power of the Light has a great message and lessons that are really needed right now. I particularly liked that Nathan is learning this stuff at a young age.”

- Luna, age 17

“This book was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of the adventures of Nathan as he learns many valuable lessons while his dad goes through the tough times of cancer. The lessons this book has on healthy eating and having a healthy mind are well worth the read and should be taught to everyone. I would also recommend this book not just for the fact that it has great life lessons but also that it is an entertaining read and had me wanting to read it all in one sitting!”

- Jasper, age 14

Internationally renowned Medical intuitive, Julie Lewin, shared this feedback:

“Everyone needs to read this book. I was sad when I had finished – I could have read on and on... The wisdom is precious. I will highlight it so I can remember the process. I laughed to myself when I realised the words ‘creator’ and ‘reactor’ have the same letters in them. That was my biggest pivotal moment in the book. I would have no hesitation recommending this book to my entire community. The concepts are phenomenal. I’ve been on this spiritual journey for 35 years but it changed the way I look at the world. Totally amazing.”

(Julie followed through on her offer by sharing with her newsletter followers today. If you’d be open to doing the same, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll send you a review copy.)

100AUDIf I handed you a $100 bill, would you...

  1. buy something that makes you feel good?
  2. save it?
  3. pay a bill?
  4. give it away?

Your answer reveals something of your money personality, your values, and your childhood programming.

It’s important to value ourselves, so (a) can be a worthy option, especially if we rarely treat ourselves. But if we can’t hold onto money, if

A long long time ago (2006)
I self-published a novel called The Mastery Club – See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible.

In 2007 it won an award for youth fiction
and I began giving talks and running workshops.
I received many many beautiful emails and messages of appreciation.

Within a couple of years I’d sold 5000 books,
putting it in the ‘Australian bestseller’ category.

In 2009 I was having coffee with an enthusiastic reader when she innocently asked me,
‘Is there anything I can do to help?’
‘Well, if you happen to know a film producer, that would be great!’ I joked.

Enter: The Universe.

QFR smaller high resThis is a sJacob egg pichout-out to artist This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the brilliant cover he illustrated for Quest For Riches. The captivating egg is of one of his other ‘practice illustrations’. He was experimenting with light…

I’d actually first asked Jacob to create a new cover for The Mastery Club,

All booksI often hear people say that they don’t read fiction – it’s too ‘fictional’! They prefer real-life content and books that focus (seriously) on current issues or research rather than ‘made up stuff’. 

But what they don’t realise is that more and more studies are finding that reading fiction develops the brain and awareness in ways that non-fiction doesn’t.

Any reading is good for us, of course – it develops our vocabularies and general knowledge – but reading meaty, character-driven fiction enables us to share the minds and emotions of others and to ‘live many lives’.

bookcase booksProbably one of the questions I am asked the most often is, 'How are book sales going?' 

Those who ask are genuinely interested and caring and want the best for me, but when book sales are trickling it's an uncomfortable question to answer.

Sales for the majority of self-published author are usually quite low; I remember my printer of The Mastery Club telling me that it was rare for self-published authors to return for multiple print runs in the quantity and frequency that I was doing. Even more rare are the international bestseller results. These low sales are why the average Australian self-published author earns about $11,000 per annum...

So let me give you the best question you can ask a self-published author. Banish 'How are book sales going?' and instead ask, 'What can I do to help?'

I promised to give the backstory to Quest For Riches, so here it is:

Camilla2Camilla Mendoza had been working with divorcées as a mortgage broker when she realised she had to do something about the number of women telling her that they left all money management and financial decisions to their husbands. Determined to change that dynamic, she created a workshop called ‘Money Mastery For Women’. Before long, those women were asking her to create a similar workshop for their children – and ‘Money Mastery For Teens’ was born.

QFR launchSunday’s launch was a blast! We had a packed room, a great vibe, some compelling speakers and yummy food. Thank you to all who came to support, whether you were helping set up, or speaking, or buying books – or whether you were a supporter in the research phase! I am very grateful. 

We began the event with a few sobering statistics: 

The four teenagers in Quest For Riches head to India on a school trip. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to do the same – although if my Mastery Club/Hidden Order/Greek Islands experience is any indication, it won’t be long! – so I sought out Indians and people who have spent sustained time in India to guide me.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet some of those generous people at the launch on 30th June, but meanwhile I want to give them a big shout-out here: 

Details in the 'Read More' but meanwhile the names of these generous people are:

Himanshi Munshaw-Luhar of Beacon Holidays and Foodie Trails
Mela Joy, Founder of Touch of Spirit Tours
Rose Witherow
Carmel Scaringi
Surya/Guy Coape-Smith
Shyam Burman, Director of Primary Toys

and I'd like to thank Shyama Sasidharan for a great interview on Malayalam TV! 

Way back in the 90s when I was home educating my children I met a powerhouse of a home-schooling mum whose sharp mind and impressive achievements absolutely caught my attention. While the other families were primarily focused on their children, this woman was also juggling a business, learning to sing and renovating a house. 
Ludwina Dautovic and I hit it off. Our shared family, education, personal growth and business values synched. She read The Mastery Club and loved it, and I attended (and spoke at) her Red Tent Women’s Networking events. We’ve moved in and out of each other’s lives ever since. 
But there’s one conversation I’ll never forget and it’s the reason I’ve asked her to be featured guest speaker at my Quest For Riches book launch on 30th June.
Ludwina was telling me about her parenting values and they were so full of practical wisdom that I took some notes. In particular, I was fascinated by her strategy for her children’s financial education, which included giving the kids cash and the shopping list and having them take over at the supermarket. It also included sitting them down to a very clear understanding of the family income and all expenses. This transparency stemmed from Ludwina's primary parenting belief that we’re ‘raising adults, not children’.
I modelled on her: I gave my kids cash and the shopping list and noticed how their eyes shone as they shouldered the responsibility. And I incorporated her example of a mother revealing 'private' family income and expenses to educate her daughters in the novel that Ludwina is going to help launch.
I hope you’ll come along on 30th June to our St Kilda launch (details below) to benefit from Ludwina’s ideas, wisdom and energy. She has been a successful entrepreneur for 24 years, having started her journey in 1995 producing and presenting television for cable TV. She also produced innovative and creative video content for businesses in the retail and service industries, and was commissioned to produce media training for schools across Australia.
As the digital era arose, she was all in. Always on the cusp of innovation, Ludwina was one of the first B2B podcasters and interviewed the CEOs of major corporations worldwide. She wrote and self-published her first book, It’s That Easy – Online Marketing 3.0, and then combined her technological expertise and business experience to provide advisory services to businesses developing their brand online. 
Recently I was invited to the launch of her newest venture – at which time I also discovered that she is a very accomplished self-taught portrait artist! The new venture is compelling: it is a social enterprise that connects empty, spare bedrooms with people who need access to affordable and accessible housing. Called 'The Room Xchange’, it’s a win-win housing solution that’s changing the way people live.
In her role as Founder and CEO of The Room Xchange, Ludwina has successfully completed her first capital raise and is now embarking on her second with the aim of leading the company toward a global market. 
Ludwina is not only a keen investor in emerging and innovative technologies but she is passionate about disruptive market leadership. Come along on 30th June and get ready to be disrupted!
We're celebrating
at 1/118 Carlisle Street East St Kilda (upstairs, above Vegelicious)
from 2.30 to 4.30 pm
Delicious (Indian-themed) refreshments will be supplied.
RSVP essential for catering purposes (by 23rd June):This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0407 901 008 or via  Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/book-launch-novel-about-financial-literacy-for-teens-tickets-62029745639
You can connect with Ludwina on Linkedin:
<< https://www.linkedin.com/in/ludwinadautovic/>>
Learn about www.theroomxchange.com

I hope to see you and your family, friends, children, students... on Sunday 30th June for a warm and stimulating afternoon.

QFR 3D coverIf you’ve been thinking things like:

  • • ‘I really should pay more attention to my finances’
  • • ‘I wish I knew how to manage money better’
  • • ‘Why is so-and-so doing so much better than me when we’ve come from the same sort of background?’ or
  • • ‘How do I get my kids to understand the importance of saving/the danger of plastic/the financial risks of keeping up with the Joneses?

you will be delighted to hear that my novel teaching financial literacy to teenagers (and their families) is finally OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING!!!!!

Quest For Riches – 4 teenagers discover the keys to wealth and prosperity gives your kids/family/students the opportunity to effortlessly increase their financial intelligence while reading a novel.

Stand by for your invitation and meanwhile please hold Sunday 30th June, 2.30 – 4.30 in your diary for a blast of an event!

We have three guest speakers lined up who have either achieved impressive results financially or have a unique window on how Australian families are doing monetarily (and the little things they can do to make a big difference).

You can expect the usual delicious wholesome refreshments – with an Indian theme! – and the opportunity to warm up a winter’s afternoon mingling with like-minded people, learning, laughing and supporting a worthy venture.

Stand by for more information or get your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in to me immediately! Woohoo!

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I don’t have favourites! I love all my three kids with all my heart.

LG with THO 500But I think of my books as my children too. I went through a long gestation period with each one of them, labour pains, a birthing experience, infancy, etc. Some of my books are now adolescents – gosh, they grow up quickly! And some of them are still just toddling around…

But I love all of them – the journey they took me on, the insights, the growth, the sheer joy when people like you write back to thank me for them.

So this is...

books readingI submitted my books to this list and thought I'd share it with you as there are several other titles here that will be sure to appeal. 

The topics include money, relationships, anger, living intentionally, success and more.

I'd love to know which books you would recommend.