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JasnaFrom childhood Jasna Kasovac had recurring back aches and eye infections to the point of losing her sight for periods of time. Finally a practitioner identified the cause: the auto-immune disease spondylitis. The solution offered was a lifetime on medication. Jasna decided not to travel that path.

Instead, she looked for a more wholistic approach and found a naturopath/homeopath who suggested she try a completely raw, alkalising plant food diet as well as meditation and forgiveness… Six months later all her symptoms had reversed.

Jasna was so impressed by her own results that she became a nutritionist so that she could help others. She is available to be of service to you. Watch this 35-minute interview, which I’m launching on Monday 20th September, just as she begins a health-improvement challenge! (The idea is to remove one acidifying ingredient from your diet each week such as meat, dairy and refined products.)

For more information about this and Jasna's services, you can reach out to her directly via her website, www.jkwellnessnutrition.com. Jasna's own cookbook coming! Thank you for watching. Please share if so inspired!

Inspiring content as I launch my new novel Power of the Light, about a boy whose father has cancer and their healing journey that incorporates plant food and forgiveness... 

Here's some beautiful feedback about my novel from a 12-year-old boy, via his mother:

Samuel bounced into our room this morning saying he had finished Power of the Light and I asked him what were the main things he got out of it.

He answered 'self acceptance and forgiveness' and went on to add 'that when things go wrong or you make mistakes, you look at what happened and try to take something good out of it'. This is so, so great for him to get as he can be hard on himself when things don't go to plan.

He also pointed out all the health tips at the back of the book and commented about how they were weaved throughout the story.

It opened up an honest discussion about cancer. He had remembered the 1 in 2 cancer statistic that was mentioned in the story and voiced concern that he never wanted us to get it. We're aligned with your ideas about self healing and were able to reassure him about the same concepts that I assert were covered in the story. I don't feel like the hard reality of cancer was scorching for him as he's been in a great mood all day :)

Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled about the value he got from your story :) :)

Both his father and I are very much looking forward to reading the story next and Samuel's review in his own words is below:

"Great book, great morals. I like this book and read it in 2 days on top of school etc. It's also cool that there are health tips throughout but if you like your BBQ shapes maybe don't let your mum read it!"


- - I echo Sam's mother's 'Ha!' 😂 and I thank Sam for this lovely feedback. 🙏🏽

While we're on the forgiveness theme, here's a comment from an older man:

With ‘Power of the Light’ Liliane Grace has written another great novel that can be enjoyed by adolescents and adults alike. The story raised a number personal issues with me, in particular issues around son-father relationships, dealing with serious health issues within the family, attitudes on how to deal with fear and choices about medical treatments and diets. I believe this is a book for anybody who is open to challenge some of the entrenched, stereotypical opinions around us. - I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Power of the Light’.

Rainer Busch age 64

- - Thank you, Rainer! 🙏🏽

Bookstore link here if you'd like to order a copy!


Janette MWHow would you respond if you’d lived a healthy, active life and were then suddenly given a terminal breast cancer diagnosis?

Janette Murray-Wakelin was told she had six months to live. While she wasn’t drawn to any of the ‘cut, burn or poison’ options, she agreed to surgery because of the pressure exerted on her. Not only was this surgery scheduled to fit in with the surgeon’s golfing calendar (such a cliché!), but it created complications of its own. (Look up ‘iatrogenic disease’.)

Having been vegetarian for years, Janette became a raw vegan, and today mostly eats fruit. She has been cancer-free for 20 years. In 2016 she and her husband ran 366 marathons, one every single day as they circumnavigated Australia (including Tasmania) in an attempt to demonstrate what is possible when fuelled by fruit. They were in their 60s.

Janette shares the cause of her cancer and describes her diet and lifestyle today in this fascinating 35-minute interview

Inspiring content as I launch my new novel Power of the Light, about a boy whose father has cancer. Thank you for watching. Please share if so inspired

LG POTL YCinterviewCancer is a true pandemic, and doesn’t need to be, any more than the current virus does. A virus emerges as the body’s detoxification tool. If we cleanse and eat wholesome food and use safe products etc., we are far less likely to become sick. Likewise, cancer is the body’s natural response to an overload of toxicity. If we cleanse and eat wholesome food and use safe products etc., we are far less likely to become sick.

Nathan is stressed by his father’s cancer diagnosis and finds himself dreaming about a fantasy world in which an evil regime of ‘Reactors’ are gaining power and trying to control the people’s minds. He joins a group of rebels led by a quirky woman called Rada and comes to realise that her cryptic messages could help his father – and himself.



If you have a health story you would like to share, please reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

If you are worried about the virus, check out Dr Borody’s comments about Ivermectin. Doctors are getting an almost 100% success rate with this safe medication in as little as 48 hours.


Power of the Light and The Mastery Club are both about deliberately creating one’s reality rather than reacting to appearances. This isn’t easy! And that’s why I’m setting up an online Mastery Club to support (and challenge) those who want to be conscious Creators rather than Reactors… For more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ZachBushMD.jpg"In 1965 4% of our population had a chronic disease. Today 46% of our children have a chronic disease.” – Zach Bush MD

I finished writing Power of the Light in 2014 and it sat in my filing cabinet until now, when the perfect storm hit: illness, fear, government control, etc. This new book tackles all of those issues, so I decided to launch in the midst of the coronavirus.

As I went down the rabbit hole on many aspects of what is behind today’s virus and lockdown, I discovered Zach Bush MD. (Bio below.)

If you haven’t yet heard this doctor speak, or, better still, watched him on video, I highly recommend that you do. Dr Bush is possibly the most humble and thoughtful and inspiring doctor I have ever encountered. Each interview I have watched touches me at a deep level. Here are a few snippets:

lush world avatarblogPeople around the world were captivated by James Cameron’s film Avatar, and his depiction of the Na’vi, a blue-skinned race living in a lush alien world.

But did this advanced people demonstrate a fall in consciousness?

Could they have responded differently to the American invasion of their planet?

And what’s the relevance of Avatar to today’s situation?

POTL cover smallCOMING SOON!

The story in a nutshell:

When his father is diagnosed with cancer, Nathan escapes the stress at home by dreaming his way into a fantasy dimension. But even there, trouble is brewing as evil ‘Reactors’ take over the world. He joins a band of rebels led by a carefree woman called Rada, and as he struggles to understand her cryptic leadership style, he begins to realise that the messages he is hearing could help his sick father… and himself.

Power of the Light is an allegorical story that sheds light on the ancient

100AUDIf I handed you a $100 bill, would you...

  1. buy something that makes you feel good?
  2. save it?
  3. pay a bill?
  4. give it away?

Your answer reveals something of your money personality, your values, and your childhood programming.

It’s important to value ourselves, so (a) can be a worthy option, especially if we rarely treat ourselves. But if we can’t hold onto money, if

A long long time ago (2006)
I self-published a novel called The Mastery Club – See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible.

In 2007 it won an award for youth fiction
and I began giving talks and running workshops.
I received many many beautiful emails and messages of appreciation.

Within a couple of years I’d sold 5000 books,
putting it in the ‘Australian bestseller’ category.

In 2009 I was having coffee with an enthusiastic reader when she innocently asked me,
‘Is there anything I can do to help?’
‘Well, if you happen to know a film producer, that would be great!’ I joked.

Enter: The Universe.

QFR smaller high resThis is a sJacob egg pichout-out to artist This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the brilliant cover he illustrated for Quest For Riches. The captivating egg is of one of his other ‘practice illustrations’. He was experimenting with light…

I’d actually first asked Jacob to create a new cover for The Mastery Club,

All booksI often hear people say that they don’t read fiction – it’s too ‘fictional’! They prefer real-life content and books that focus (seriously) on current issues or research rather than ‘made up stuff’. 

But what they don’t realise is that more and more studies are finding that reading fiction develops the brain and awareness in ways that non-fiction doesn’t.

Any reading is good for us, of course – it develops our vocabularies and general knowledge – but reading meaty, character-driven fiction enables us to share the minds and emotions of others and to ‘live many lives’.

bookcase booksProbably one of the questions I am asked the most often is, 'How are book sales going?' 

Those who ask are genuinely interested and caring and want the best for me, but when book sales are trickling it's an uncomfortable question to answer.

Sales for the majority of self-published author are usually quite low; I remember my printer of The Mastery Club telling me that it was rare for self-published authors to return for multiple print runs in the quantity and frequency that I was doing. Even more rare are the international bestseller results. These low sales are why the average Australian self-published author earns about $11,000 per annum...

So let me give you the best question you can ask a self-published author. Banish 'How are book sales going?' and instead ask, 'What can I do to help?'

I promised to give the backstory to Quest For Riches, so here it is:

Camilla2Camilla Mendoza had been working with divorcées as a mortgage broker when she realised she had to do something about the number of women telling her that they left all money management and financial decisions to their husbands. Determined to change that dynamic, she created a workshop called ‘Money Mastery For Women’. Before long, those women were asking her to create a similar workshop for their children – and ‘Money Mastery For Teens’ was born.

QFR launchSunday’s launch was a blast! We had a packed room, a great vibe, some compelling speakers and yummy food. Thank you to all who came to support, whether you were helping set up, or speaking, or buying books – or whether you were a supporter in the research phase! I am very grateful. 

We began the event with a few sobering statistics: 

The four teenagers in Quest For Riches head to India on a school trip. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to do the same – although if my Mastery Club/Hidden Order/Greek Islands experience is any indication, it won’t be long! – so I sought out Indians and people who have spent sustained time in India to guide me.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet some of those generous people at the launch on 30th June, but meanwhile I want to give them a big shout-out here: 

Details in the 'Read More' but meanwhile the names of these generous people are:

Himanshi Munshaw-Luhar of Beacon Holidays and Foodie Trails
Mela Joy, Founder of Touch of Spirit Tours
Rose Witherow
Carmel Scaringi
Surya/Guy Coape-Smith
Shyam Burman, Director of Primary Toys

and I'd like to thank Shyama Sasidharan for a great interview on Malayalam TV!