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It certainly looks like it’s been absent for years! The dearth of Critical Thinking in the community right now is alarming.

And has Common Sense died alongside it?

secondary studentI still remember the impact of a critical thinking class I attended as a secondary school student in which I was startled to learn that a statistic doubling might be as little as one more – i.e. if the original number is one, you only have to add one to double the amount. We think of doubling as being likely to result in a large number but it’s not always the case. As I was taught in a personal development course years ago: ‘ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME’.

Most of us have heard statements like, ‘You can use statistics / the Bible /

jug trayIf you lived at our place you would by now have become familiar with the sound of my voice yelling, ‘Oh no!’ and the clatter of my feet madly dashing to the sink so that I could turn the water filter off before the whole house flooded.

In fact, I did once flood the kitchen so effectively that water leaked through the floor and into a light bulb in the garage below, shorting the system…

This week I'm posting a blog that TMC fan Elaine Stoeckel kindly sent me with  the line, 'Wonder when we'll get THIS sort of straight talking in Australian Schools?'

It turns out to be a radio announcer's sample of what he would love to hear a school principal declare at the start of the year. I agree! Dennis Prager rejects political correctness in a powerful statement that is very worth reading – let me know what you think.