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If you think you need a cracker up your bum to start taking money more seriously, watch this 3-minute video that features Camilla Mendoza, the passionate creator of Money Mastery For Teens and the instigator of the Quest For Riches novel, in which Swedish students talk about their relationship with money and what they are learning from Money Mastery For Teens and Quest For Riches.

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(NB. If you'd like to recommend Quest For Riches to your school, you can share the book review (below) by Ann Ruckert of the South Australian English Teachers Association (SAETA).)


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Here's the latest reader's comment: "I'm reading 'Quest ' and loving it. We are just approaching the Taj Mahal. Love your architectural insights."

(That's kind of funny, since my 'insights' were very Wiki-informed! But in October 2020 I'm going to India – and you can come with me!)



Quest for Riches (2nd Edition) by Liliane Grace (in collaboration with Camilla Mendoza and Money Mastery for Teens)

This highly engaging book tells the story of four fifteen-year-old school students (Toni, Brooke, Eric and Jackson) who participate in a school trip to India. We follow their journey as they raise the funds necessary and travel to India and home again. Their adventures include visiting many famous tourist sites as well as Dobhi Ghat, the world’s largest laundry; travelling on overcrowded, smelly public transport; tasting a wide range of ‘new’ foods; experiencing a two-night homestay (each staying with a different family from different backgrounds) and succumbing to Delhi belly. Along the way, we are given insights into how each student thinks, feels and reacts to the different experiences encountered.

Written for young adults who want to flourish financially, this book will engage readers of all ages, providing lessons about money management and our ability to create wealth as well as a number of other social and ethical issues. Each chapter concludes with a number of questions relating to the subject matter of the chapter; and no, this is not reading comprehension, but a chance for readers to think and relate the students’ experiences to themselves. Each student, and their family, relates to money differently and the final two pages describe the four ‘money personalities’ where the reader will, without a doubt, find him/herself.

Containing beautiful descriptions of the colourful, vivid, overwhelming, disconcerting and remarkable country that is India with the ever-present undercurrent of managing our money, this is a book that all teenagers should read in order to better understand how to gain financial independence.

Ages: 13 – 18 years
2019, 310pp, p/b.
ISBN 9780648562436
Reviewed by Ann Ruckert


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