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Schools around Australia are celebrating books and writing and authors and the imagination starting tomorrow for the Children's Book Council of Australia's annual BOOK WEEK! 

If you're the parent of a younger child, you've probably been roped into making a costume of one of their favourite book characters. I was very chuffed a few years ago to receive a photo of a girl dressed as Nina from The Mastery Club! A green wig was the key to that costume :-)

This week an article in the Herald Sun declared that 'Aussie kids were scammed out of more than $170,000 last year according to the latest Australian Competition and Consumer Commission scam activity report' – significantly up from previous years. Suncorp behavioural economist, Phil Slade, said 'Kids were particularly susceptible to being ripped off by dodgy operators' and 'One of the best ways to help our kids avoid being scammed is to teach them financial literacy skills at an early age, to help them question things when dealing with money.' 


scam articleEnter Quest For Riches - 4 teenagers discover the keys to wealth and prosperity, a novel designed to educate young people about money management! You don't have to lecture them about good habits; just let them read an entertaining contemporary story about relatable characters. (So, yes, I confess: Suncorp hasn't – yet! – endorsed this book but they are certainly endorsing the need for financial literacy from a young age.)

As multi-millionaire Dr John Demartini says: 

"Quest For Riches invites young people to embrace the ancient wise advice to ‘Know Thyself’ by coming to understand their own patterns, habits and beliefs around money. This contemporary story about four teenagers and their families also offers important information about the core principles of money management and wealth creation, and emphasises the key ingredient of building one’s savings and then investments.” 

– Dr John F Demartini, international best-selling author of The Values Factor

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