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Tahnee WoolfDid you know that there are 10 Terrains of Consciousness, and if you and your partner inhabit different ones, you might have trouble communicating?

If you’ve been following my story you know that my life changed significantly after writing Wanted: Greener Grass (ironically a book in which I talk about the illusion of ‘greener grass’…).

A few months ago I came across a very honest, personal post by Renaissance woman Tahnee Woolf about the process she was going through in ‘consciously uncoupling’ from her partner Allen. They’d realised that while they had heaps in common, they had actually come together to co-create their Ten Terrains project rather than to be life partners, and had finally let go of their intimate relationship. But very soon after doing so, Allen met someone else and Tahnee felt quite challenged.

I responded to her post and we connected. I suggested an ‘interview/conversation’, and sent Tahnee a copy of Wanted: Greener Grass. That interview is available for you now – and it’s a rich and fascinating conversation about her work and the new model about levels of consciousness that she and her ex-partner are releasing, and about her and my evolving relationships.

You can listen or download here: https://lilianegrace.com/blog/interviews

Next week I’ll be interviewing/talking with Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator Tanya Cross about the themes in Wanted: Greener Grass. Tanya is an extraordinary counsellor (she’s helped my family numerous times), and she has a particular interest in relationships and intimacy.

Meanwhile, enjoy my conversation with Tahnee. I'm sure you'll end up deciding to order her book, The Ten Terrains of Consciousnesstoo. I’ve just ordered mine!

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