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I don’t know about you but I arrived at the end of last year feeling quite tired and burnt out.

Over Christmas/New Year, I was tackling so much less that I began to deeply relax… and a digestive issue cleared up all by itself… 

It occurred to me that it would be a grand idea to not set out to be SuperWoman this year by taking on so very much but to instead be more realistic about how much I am likely to be able to achieve in a day and deliberately only tackle that much; to deliberately 'under-achieve’.

You know how we can do things in a blink in our minds? I’m a great one for imagining I can get ready in far less time than I actually need because all the little components (morning prayer ritual, exercise, eat, shower, dress, pack food, pack bag, check emails, etc.) typically take longer in the realm of matter than they do in the realm of mind. So I’ve often found myself running late. It wasn’t until I began, in my mind, to ‘over-estimate’ how much preparation time I would need that I began to arrive on time.

I also reframed being early. I realised I had the subconscious notion that if I was early I’d be wasting time (sitting around twiddling my thumbs when I could have been ticking something else off my list…) so I related the idea of arriving early with feeling relaxed and 'sophisticated’. I don't always pull it off, but when I do it feels much better.

Anyway, here’s my intention for this year: to deliberately tackle less and deliberately value and respect my body’s need for ease and my mind’s need for calm.

Interestingly, there’s a profound spiritual truth at the bottom of this decision, and that is trusting in Divine Order. When we are rushing around trying to do a million things we are subconsciously stating that we lack time and we lack the trust that things will flow into our lives in an orderly fashion; we are acting as if we need to 'make it' happen. 

I know that I had fallen into this pattern yet again by the end of last year, and I was becoming distracted by too many tasks that 'might' deliver results. I was putting my faith in the restless external rather than in the changeless, eternal, ‘inner’ principles from which everything flows anyway. 

There's another principle that might appear to be contradictory, and that's the idea 'If you need something done, give it to a busy person', but it's not actually contradictory at all because we are much more productive when we are in a calm, 'eye of the storm' state rather than rushing around like a headless chook...

So here's to valuing and upholding that calm, relaxed and trusting state this year, and returning to it whenever I've lost the plot... Watch this space! :-)


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