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My daughters are listening to one of the Harry Potter books on audio – I can hear Harry crying out ‘Expecto Patronum!’, the spell that summons a protective guardian energy.

Many parents have been as caught up in the magic and mystery of their children’s fantasy books as their children, but how many have considered teaching their kids how to create magic in their own lives? Real magic?

I’ve long been struck by the fact that our children’s choice of fiction is either fantasy, in which characters straddle dragons or broomsticks and possess magical items or supernatural abilities, or ‘faction’, in which characters deal with real-life dilemmas like divorce and drugs and death.

But what I hadn’t ever come across was a book for kids that offered the possibility of magic in everyday life. So I wrote one. The Mastery Club, an imaginary story about five kids who form a club to support each other in achieving their goals and dreams. They learn about universal laws and develop practical skills like goal-setting and visualisation and treasure-mapping. And they learn that the most important part of transformation is taking responsibility and developing a strong character – one that can deal with obstacles and delays.

Having written the book I started a newsletter with the aim of gathering the stories of young people who have applied these principles, and that’s what I want to share with you here. I have been very inspired by these children and teenagers who have begun to create magic in their own lives and I wanted to let you know that children are taking responsibility for their results in quite remarkable ways.

Like the girl who wanted to achieve a first in her ice skating competition and began to say affirmations and visualise herself receiving the medal for first place. She was awarded first place.

Another girl made a treasure map (poster) of the phone she wanted… and got it. Then she applied the principles to a computer.

A ten year old girl was encouraged to believe that she could achieve an A in her music exam. Not only did she achieve that, but she now enters any exam confidently because she has demonstrated that result several times. A seventeen year old girl was similarly empowered and enjoys an improved attitude and very good marks as a result.

An eight year old girl won two firsts, one for swimming and one for running, after visualising these successes at her upcoming school Athletics Carnival.

Young sisters visualised the results they wanted in their martial arts exam... and walked away with those coveted belts.

A fifteen year old girl achieved top of her maths year when she changed her thinking from negative to positive and took action on her goal.

A young boy, concerned about who his next teacher would be, drew a picture of himself with the teacher he wanted – and with the classmate he wanted. Under the picture he described everything he wanted in order to have a great year, and visualised this all through the summer holidays. When he headed to school in the new year, he had the teacher and friend he wanted, and the school year that unfolded was, according to his mum, ‘fantastic’.

Another girl has been able to apply the principles to help her deal with bullies – she is now more relaxed and happy.

Yet another girl visualised that she had a wonderful singing teacher… and got one; visualised getting a good grade for her piano eisteddfod… and scored one of the highest marks; she also used affirmations to improve her attitude towards her ballet classes.

A pre-teen boy who was struggling after his parents divorced and the family relocated interstate regained his sparkle and enthusiasm for life by being exposed to life-affirming ideas and do-able principles.

An eleven year old girl visualised being voted in as School Captain, and achieved it through conscious application of visualisations and affirmation and treasure mapping.

An eight year old boy made detailed plans and treasure maps for a computer, visualised regularly, started saving… and achieved it. He sent me photos and updates along the way.

His mother incorporated the principles in her life and visualised a smooth birthing experience herself when her baby was ten days overdue. She and her husband were blown away when the events started unfolding exactly as they had imagined, even down to the exact time the contractions started, the time the midwife arrived, the time the mother got into the birthing pool, and the time their beautiful daughter was born. Their birth room was surrounded in positive affirmations and treasure maps. What a life-affirming place to arrive.

Teachers can use these principles in their classrooms also. Imagine a group of students beginning the year deciding how their year is going to go – the academic results, the friendships, the growth, the sporting achievements. Today’s primary school classrooms are already much more positive in nature and are often decorated with affirmative statements. But what if the school curriculum included time for relaxation and visualisation as well? Imagine how our world will be when Conscious Creation is a standard part of the school curriculum, rather than the fancy idea of the odd teacher here or there...

The imagination is the most powerful force we have. It is far stronger than the will, as various famous teachers, like Einstein and Emile Coué have stated. What if your children apply their imagination consciously and deliberately to create the results they want in their lives?

That sounds like real magic to me.

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