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‘Spiritual evolution can only take place within the dark epoch. Only here can the choice be made between fear or love.’ – Peter O Erbe, God I Am – From Tragic to Magic

I’ve been asked to share my perspective on the state of the world from a ‘Law of Attraction’ point of view:

Do we draw injustice to ourselves by paying attention to it?
Should we look the other way, away from the ‘darkness’, and affirm that all is love and light?
Or can we simultaneously place our awareness on the chaos and rise above it?

Great questions that I’ve enjoyed reflecting on. I know lots of people who don’t want to look at or contemplate some of the disturbing news that is emerging at this time – they are understandably concerned about becoming depressed and troubled. Some are diving into the information and getting angry or fearful. And others are diving in, getting angry, and then getting inspired. I’m in that camp and this blog is about how we can address the chaos without becoming bogged down in it.

man shadow VisualHuntRight now, society is being divided by pro- and anti-conspiracy conversations. Lines are being drawn as to who is pro and who is con but there is disagreement about which is the true conspiracy: the government’s position or the confronting information being shared by ‘weirdos’ about ‘new world orders’ and ‘nanotechnology in vaccines’ and ‘microchipping’ and ‘eugenics’ agendas and ‘satanic cults at the core of government and royalty’, etc.?

If you’re not up with all of that, I’ll share what I’ve discovered in my next blog. Ultimately, we each have to do our own research to decide what the truth is, but one thing is certain, now is not the time to turn away from (deny) this information simply because it’s dark and negative.

But is it risky to pay attention to dark ideas and developments if ‘the energy goes where the attention flows’?

• There is certainly an argument for looking firmly in the opposite direction and only giving our attention to things that feel good. Esther Hicks/Abraham advise us to choose good feeling-thoughts because they establish our vibration, and that is the energy we manifest from. I agree with that.

sunset woman VisualHunt• I simultaneously believe that we are the co-creators of the universe and as such we have co-created all the ills we experience today, whether by an act of commission or omission. If the 'name' of GOD is ‘I AM THAT’, then everything we can perceive is an expression of G.O.D.: it is the One expressing as the Many.

Spiritual maturity includes owning one’s shadow, whether at a personal level or a global level. Everything ‘out there’ is a reflection of what is ‘in here’. (In fact, as some would say, there is no such thing as ‘out there’.) 

So, rather than judging the darkness, my understanding is that true spiritual maturity invites us to ‘own it’, to recognise where we have done something similar, and extend love to them and us. The Ho’opono opono teaching – ‘Thank you, I love you, I forgive you’ – is useful here.

• Besides, chaos and crisis are just how things appear; there are actually many many ‘blessings in disguise’ right now. I plan to expand on this in the next blog and then, if you have been feeling stressed, I hope you will find yourself walking around in this strange new world with a smile on your face, as I am now. Meanwhile see Stephanie’s beautiful list below.

Those who have been following my work will know that my focus is on looking for divine order and living from cause as conscious creators of our lives. (Not the easiest thing to do by any means, but to me, our highest calling.) [For those not familiar with my work, see end of blog for how these themes show up in my books.]

I believe that what we are called to do right now is to ‘enlighten’ ourselves regarding current dark events (i.e. become aware of them) and simultaneously ‘enlighten’ ourselves (by responding in the most enlightened manner possible). Society is now being enlightened as much information comes ‘to light’, as secrets long held in darkness are exposed. This expansion of knowledge, awareness and insight is discomfiting but important on the road to spiritual maturity.

Here’s an example: If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ll know that I’m opposed to masking, or, more accurately, ‘muzzling’. Aside from the lack of scientific grounds for it, the spiritual and psychological significance of removing individual expression (half the face, and especially the smile) are alarming to me.

The behaviours we have been asked to adopt actually echo the dark Satanic initiation rituals used in Masonic and other practices: masking (which mean letting go of one’s existing sense of identity and playing a role that is ‘not us’), constant hand-washing (letting go of old habits, values and beliefs), self-isolating (increasing separation from the life we had and preparing us for new ways of behaving), and standing six feet apart from each other. These are all Satanic rituals and (a) none of it is particularly useful in preventing ‘the virus’, while (b) some of it actively works against our immune health.

So, how do we ‘keep ourselves light’ and deny the dark its power when governments keep churning out lies about the danger of the virus, mainstream media ignores certain perspectives, social media suppresses freedom of speech, and police turn out in frightening numbers and combative gear to shut us down?

Enter: our spiritual challenge to...

  • Become aware of what is actually going on (aka ‘enlighten ourselves’).
  • Own traits we are judging.
  • Object to injustice and madness. Stand up for our human, God-given rights (to fresh air, among others).
  • Actively create the reality we wish to experience by setting the example of courage and common sense.
  • Extend love to those who are lost, confused and afraid.
  • Hold the vision of a conscious, aware, respectful, free world.
  • And feel gratitude for the opportunity to grow that these times afford us. (After all, we are in extraordinary times that have long been foretold both Biblically, astrologically and via other means. More on this next time.)

A paradox is when contradictory statements hold true at the same time. A paradox we are facing right now is that we must honour the lockdown (for the right reasons) while objecting to it (for the right reasons).

If what I’ve learnt is true (that the actual reason for state-wide ‘house arrest’ and curfews is to keep the streets as clear as possible while a vast sex-trafficking/paedophilia rescue operation is underway), then that is a very good reason to stay at home. On the other hand, I don’t agree with Daniel Andrews’ efforts to introduce draconian new legislation that drastically reduces our rights and freedoms while giving unprecedented power to police and government, so I whole-heartedly support the protests.

As Truth-seeker Charlie Freak says: "So what if you are fined or spend a day in gaol? The violation of personal freedoms deserves protection."

[If you’re worried about a fine, I don’t believe they’ll be following up on them and I certainly wouldn’t be paying one since the attack on our rights and freedoms is unconstitutional. Check out www.knowyourrightsgroup.com.au or www.solutionsempowerment.com for more information.]

  • Power of the Light invites the reader to not fight or resist the darkness, because in fighting it we strengthen it, but to wake up from a bad dream by owning the shadow, seeing how it serves us, and actively caring for ourselves and others.

We all know the importance of the ‘Resistance’ and ‘Underground’ in times of war, and perhaps it’s splitting hairs to say that their fight is actually the process of empowering themselves to claim their rights and freedoms, but I’m sure that we cause ourselves more trouble if we just get angry and resist, and we grow when we develop skills and resourcefulness in response to a challenge.

  • Related to this issue is the question I asked the secondary students who had set up an anti-bullying club: ‘Have you thanked the bullies?’

After all, it is due to the bullies that we step up in power. If life was easy, we’d drift along; it’s the challenges that cause us to gird our loins and do something! If we experience injustice, something inside us calls us to seek justice. If we experience illness, we seek health. This balancing dynamic is a natural law of the universe.

Whether we are faced with challenges not of our choosing that we must overcome, or whether we deliberately choose ‘the narrow, difficult path’, growth occurs as a result of dealing with challenges. Without challenges we would become passive and self-indulgent and be unlikely to tap into our great resources of love, compassion, creativity and resourcefulness.

Challenges call greatness out of us. Any athlete knows the pain of self-discipline – and also the great pleasure when physical mastery is achieved.

Right now, we are being called to wake up to the true nature of our physical world – who has been pulling the strings, and why – and to decide if we want to participate in that kind of world or co-create one that is more equitable, life-affirming and empowering. Esther Hicks/Abraham calls this ‘contrast’: by seeing what we don’t want, we become clearer about what we do want. We are being asked to be the conscious creators of our lives and world.

How do we do that?

Rather than becoming depressed or upset, we need to arrive at a vision of the world that enthuses us! By ‘vibrating with’ that vision, we will bring it into being.

• When I wrote The Mastery Club® I opted to use the phrase ‘Law of Resonance and Vibration’ rather than ‘Law of Attraction’ because attraction is a term that relates to magnetism, by which opposites attract, and it seems to me that we manifest our desires by the principle of resonance.

We live in a vibrational universe; everything has a frequency. Our dominant thought determines our dominant frequency. We come into harmonic resonance with whatever is similar to us, so if we are ‘being’ or ‘vibrating lack’, we can’t ‘attract’ abundance, whether the form we seek is money, a love-partner or health.

So... how apply the Law of Resonance to today’s chaos and crises?

Look for the hidden order in the chaos. As soon as you see it, you will recognise the blessings and discover that smile.

I introduced the inspiring work of Dr Zach Bush in my last blog. (I highly recommend his video interview with Brian Rose of London Real – or, in fact, any of his interviews. They are all magic, a veritable stream of wisdom.)

In one of those interviews, Dr Bush shares his perspective that the purpose of life is not love, but beauty. This insight immediately reminded me that the Greek word ‘kosmos’ means ‘ordered beauty’. Order, beauty, Divine Order, universal/spiritual/natural laws… They’re all talking about the same thing: our universe is governed by laws, and when we work in harmony with these laws, we experience order, prosperity, health, ease and flow; when we violate them, we experience struggle and pain.

My novel, The Hidden Order, challenges the reader to look for and recognise that order in the midst of apparent chaos. Power of the Light sat in my filing cabinet for six years, until now, when the perfect storm hit: illness, fear, government control, etc. I decided to launch in the midst of the coronavirus because this new book tackles all of those issues. Power of the Light invites the reader to not fight or resist the darkness, because in fighting it we strengthen it, but to wake up from a bad dream by owning the shadow, seeing how it serves us, and actively caring for ourselves and others.

‘Spiritual evolution can only take place within the dark epoch. Only here can the choice be made between fear or love.’ – Peter O Erbe, God I Am – From Tragic to Magic, page 8.

The genius philosopher, Leibniz, declared that this (apparently flawed) world is the best of all possible worlds. How can this be?

I’m going to borrow some content re Leibniz from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

‘How can this world be the best of all possible worlds? After all, as Voltaire brought out so clearly in Candide, it certainly seems that this world, in which one finds no short supply of natural and moral horrors, is far from perfect – indeed, it seems pretty lousy. Certainly only a fool could believe that it is the best world possible. But, Leibniz speaks on behalf of the fool, with an argument that has essentially the following structure:

(1) God* is omnipotent and omniscient and benevolent and the free creator of the world. (Definition)

(2) Things could have been otherwise – i.e., there are other possible worlds. (Premise)

(3) Suppose this world is not the best of all possible worlds. (I.e., "The world could be better.")

(4): If this world is not the best of all possible worlds, then at least one of the following must be the case:

  God was not powerful enough to bring about a better world; or 
  God did not know how this world would develop after his creation of it (i.e. God lacked foreknowledge); or 
  God did not wish this world to be the best; or
  God did not create the world;
  there were no other possible worlds from which God could choose.

(5) But, any one or more of the disjuncts of (4) contradicts (1) or (2). 

(6) Therefore this world is the best of all possible worlds.

[* I’d add ‘omnipresent’ to ‘omniscient’ and ‘omnipotent’, which throws in the spiritual consideration that there is no ‘other’ ‘out there’; there is just The One, the Whole. For, if G.O.D. is absolute, where is It/S/He not?]

There is another paradox that we are facing, and that is to honour the lockdown (for various reasons – see next blog) and to resist it. But meanwhile…

Stephanie Kakris, the Performance Coach and creator of Positive Parenting Cards, asked me to share the following beautiful and balancing insights that came to her about this period we are in:

Like most people living through the Covid restrictions, I have been plagued with thoughts about how awful the experience is. How many things we used to love have been taken away. The fear. The uncertainty. The anger. The outrage. The grief. The despair. All of it. And I consider myself one of the lucky ones. But I was focusing on all the negatives. And spending too much time on FB with everyone else doing the same, it’s hard not to.

But ... somewhere deep inside of me I also know that this is all happening for our highest good. As crazy as that sounds - I have an inherent belief that everything that happens to us is for our greatest good. Yep, everything. 

I also know (via the teaching of Dr Demartini and demonstrated so beautifully in LIliane Grace’s book The Hidden Order) that for every negative experience there is equal positive benefits. We just need to seek and find them.

Feeling so down about the whole situation was not serving me, but I was struggling to see the up side! So I asked my guides for help. This is what has come through in the past couple of days about the benefits of Covid and I want to share with the intention it might help you to see the other side as well. Here goes.

The Covid experience - what is the higher purpose of it?

  1. Slowing down, simplifying, rediscovering what’s really important

The vast majority of people in the western world are too materialistic. They have lost touch of what’s really important. They are too busy and just running from one activity to another.

This time alone and at home is allowing some deep reflection for many people that they would never normally give themselves.

People are being creative, making new gardens, building things, making art. This is helping them connect to their higher selves and to their right brain and heart.

Yes a lot of people are angry. They are annoyed - many enraged - at their loss of freedoms and being controlled. 

But they were already being controlled. By their busy schedules, by their minds that were never satisfied with what they had achieved and what they had in their lives. Always striving for improvement at the detriment of contentment with the now. By the media and advertisers that bombard you with messages - buy this and that!

More is better! So much overwhelm and burnout. That is already an unsustainable form of control, both for the humans and for the planet.

The truth is that freedom can always exist in your mind and heart. Just like Archie Williams* told you, he was imprisoned in body but never in his mind. The choice is yours.

We admit that It’s unfortunate that we had to go to such extreme lengths to help people reset. But it was what was needed in the long run. Humanity had gone so far off course, a major reset was essential.

It’s a dark night of the soul on a global scale. We’re done with one person or one community at a time. The energies demand fast tracking things and believe it or not, this was the most gentle way to do it. The darker the night, the brighter the dawn.

The anger is also a good thing. The political and leadership model is horribly flawed and this will catalyse the masses in not standing for it any more. It had to get worse to rouse people into action. Most humans are complacent and too self focused to stand up and call for a change - in other words, things have to get really bad before most people bother. This will not happen overnight because the systems are so ingrained but be patient and be assured the best is yet to come.

Having said that, we want to offer word of warning for those wanting to “fight back” - don’t. Acting from a place of anger or fight is only adding fuel to the fire. It will not solve anything. If you do feel called to act, do it from a space of deep compassion for humanity and passion and deep desire to make the world a better place. You don’t need to go into politics of course to do this. You can make the world a better place by being kind to a neighbour or thanking the staff at the supermarket. Offer your prayers and healing to people who need it. These small actions are the big ones too.

  1. What about all the people who have lost their livelihoods?

We feel for them, we really do. But this is happening to encourage you all to foster a sense of community again. People need each other. You humans need to drop this bullshit belief in “independence” and at the same time “the Govt should provide for me” (what’s with that?) and be much more open to giving and receiving to each other. To feel more comfortable about asking for help and receiving help, then giving back when in a position to. Not this “each man/woman for himself” BS mentality you’ve created. We see this already happening with the success of the kindness pandemic Facebook group and many other selfless acts.

And to be innovative and find a different way forward. Already, the level of innovation that has helped people to support themselves and their employees has been so pleasing to witness.

  1. School & kids

As you already know, the schooling system needs a huge overhaul. Parents are being shown exactly how much rubbish the school system feeds their kids. Many are turning to home schooling as they have seen their kids thrive without all the school BS. Like the adults, the kids have been too busy and have lost connection to themselves and their creative side. More time at home has allowed many kids more time to explore their creativity without restrictions of instruction and time.

It has helped many sensitive kids the time and space to reset their over stretched nervous system. Families are spending more quality time together and being forced to learn how to get along and enjoy each other’s company without running around like crazy chickens all the time.

  1. Aged care

The way we discard our elders in aged care homes in much of the western world is appalling. Another negative by-product of the race of busyness and materialism. The plan is that the Covid crisis will encourage more families to embrace the extended family way of living and the elderly will be more respected and revered and their wisdom shared as it should be.

  1. Travel

Mother Earth is loving the break from the carbon emissions, planes and automobiles as well as less industry polluting her. People have been forced to embrace a new normal of online meetings. Employers will be much more flexible from now on to allow work from home where possible, to save people time and energy commuting and to have more time at home for leisure or to be with their loved ones.

People are also seeing that there is no longer this need for people to be flying all over the country and the world for this meeting and that meeting as they have done in the past.

The earth cannot sustain this kind of air travel. People will be forced to travel locally and learn to appreciate the beauty of their own cities and countries rather than running off to other places with no idea of the wonder that is in their own backyards. And appreciate simple trips, getting in touch with nature.

Additionally, many people will be forced to create a life they love, rather than simply living from holiday to holiday with stress and unhappiness in between.

In summary, this whole Covid thing will help people to realize that happiness is created within. We understand all the emotions and suffering this is causing - the despair, the outrage, the intense loneliness for many, the lack of personal space for others like you. We know it’s hard. Most people hate change, particularly when it’s forced upon them.

But - humanity has called this in. Please trust that this is for everyone’s highest good.

For those of you reading this, the most powerful thing you can do is to literally count your blessings. Smell the roses, watch the clouds and the grass grow. Knit, paint, dance, bake, do whatever soothes your soul.

Pray on the stars and the moon. 

Ask for and accept help if you need it. And know that we will all come out the other side happier, with more equality, more tolerance and understanding, and much more sustainable way of living - both for humanity and for the planet.

Thank you, Stephanie


How the themes that interest me show up in my work: 

The Mastery Club is about five adolescents who begin to learn about universal laws and the power of their minds
The Hidden Order invites readers and characters to actively look for that order in even the most confronting situations
Quest For Riches is about taking responsibility for our financial lives
The Boy Who Barked and The Boy Who Found His Pulse are true stories about overcoming challenges and following inspiration to fulfil our potential
Wanted: Greener Grass is about the hero’s journey, about emotional maturity in our drive for happiness and fulfilment
My newest novel, Power of the Light, applies the concepts of responsibility and order to illness: it’s about recognising our part in generating illness in our bodies, whether from poor diets, chemical exposure or toxic emotions.

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