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This is the third blog in a series asking if Critical Thinking has been removed from the English school curriculum. It certainly seems to be missing in the community, although I am heartened to see a number of independent media outlets now publishing excellent articles that question the covid narrative. More and more mainstream players are also emerging, such as Economist Gigi Foster, who is questioning whether the relatively few covid deaths justify lockdowns in the context of the vast number of deaths from suicide, abuse, depression, delayed operations and other health care, etc. Yay re the voice of Reason and Common Sense!!!!  

Aust Parliament KaptainKobold VisualHuntIf governments truly had our best at heart, we would be given:

  • the truth about the virus being no threat to the average healthy individual
  • the truth that the public health crisis caused by the fear and lockdown is occurring in numbers far greater than the number of covid cases, and has long-term implications
  • the truth that the economic crisis caused by the fear and lockdown is far worse than the impact of the coronavirus
  • the truth that there are no known studies that prove that masks significantly reduce infection rate (refer the surgeon’s comment in the interview below and the New England Journal of Medicine quote and a brilliant 53-minute in-depth review of masks and Dr Sheri Tenpenny’s generous resource)
  • the truth that there is not a single documented case of transmission from a child to an adult (refer the child psychiatrist’s comment in the interview with the 9 Frontline Doctors), so schools can open!
  • the truth that no child has yet died of the virus (they may have died with the virus but of a previously-existing condition like leukemia)

If governments truly had our best at heart, we would be given:

  • information about and access to hydroxychloroquine and other effective protocols (see below for one you can make in your own kitchen)
  • the truth that if people are routinely given hydroxychloroquine (either to cure or prevent), this ‘pandemic’ will be over in a month (refer Frontline Doctors)
  • information promoting good nutrition and other immune-boosting strategies
  • the truth that closing schools was an error, and keeping them closed amounts to negligence and abuse
  • the truth that closing businesses was an error, and keeping them closed amounts to government malfeasance
  • the truth that lockdowns exacerbate the period of the infection and reduce long-term immunity. (By comparison, Sweden did not lock down and had reached herd immunity in April 2020. Their model is sustainable and practical and can continue indefinitely; the rest of the world is now likely to limp on for quite a while. But having said that, it’s still better that we open up and get back to life!!!)

Those who are sharing this empowering information are routinely labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’. Let’s now apply a little Critical Thinking to that statement!

A conspiracy is ‘a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful and harmful’.

  • The government is breaking multiple laws by imposing house arrest on the population, in particular, the Biosecurity Act, which overrides all emergency sanctions and continues to protect human rights
  • The government is forcing doctors and pharmacies to withhold life-giving medications, causing unnecessary illness and death (Dr Harvey Risch believes that three-quarters of those who have died did not need to die, and would not have died had they been treated with hydroxychloroquine; that’s 100,000 people in the USA – link to his paper in previous blog)
  • The government is forcing businesses to close, causing untold emotional, psychological, financial, community, economic and national harm
  • The government is forcing schools to close, causing untold emotional, psychological, physical, community, educational and national harm for potentially years or even generations into the future as they are messing with our children’s minds and emotions!
  • The government is deciding which businesses are ‘essential’ and which are not – but why are we supporting the businesses of massive corporations and scuttling small business, which is the life of a country? There is just as much exposure in a supermarket as there would be in any other store! Why does a gardener have to shut his lawn mowing business when he doesn’t interact with anyone?
  • The government has prevented unvaccinated employees from working in aged care facilities, and have prevented unvaccinated people from visiting family in aged care when our elderly are among the most needy of emotional connection.
  • The government is forcibly tracking people and imposing curfews and other limitations to movement and free speech – all unconstitutional and against human rights. (If this was truly a pandemic, then maybe; but it’s not even as serious as last year’s flu!)
  • The government has decided to impose 8 p.m. curfews – although how a curfew prevents the transmission of disease I don’t know, if all the other factors are still in place, like masks and no more than two people gathering together.

(Perhaps it’s actually to make sure no one witnesses all the people coming into Tullamarine in the early hours of the morning…? We can only hope they are the Defence Forces arriving to help evacuate the abused and sex-trafficked children from Melbourne’s tunnels, if that is indeed what is happening…)

Does the following sound like a police state to you? It does to me!

  • Police may now enter anyone’s home without a warrant.
  • $1682 fine if outside without ‘a valid reason’, and the fine amount is being raised daily.
  • Can’t visit family and friends.
  • Mandatory masks at all times; fines if not wearing one.
  • Can only exercise once per day, up to one hour.
  • Only one person per household per day can leave the house (including for groceries).
  • Can’t travel more than five kilometres from home.
  • Weddings are illegal.
  • No gatherings of any size.

As ever, when suspect laws are introduced, we should ‘follow the money’:

  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation et al have an agenda to introduce worldwide mandatory vaccinations (from which they personally benefit), to introduce a cashless controllable society (modelled on China’s social credits system), to reduce global population – eugenics, as per WWII. (All of these agendas are published on their websites and shared brazenly in interviews. Not entirely secret, but not entirely open either.)
  • There are conflicts of interest here that should keep these organisations out of the conversation, not dominating it as gatekeepers of what is true or not, especially when they have no medical expertise. (I’m looking at you, Mr Gates)
  • The unqualified Bill Gates has his finger in every relevant pie – you will find his Foundation donating to almost every association that is currently calling the shots – but every projection from the Gates Foundation (or its funded allies, such as the Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation and the Imperial College of London) has been phenomenally wrong.
  • This virus has been tagged ‘novel’ but it’s not. Its traits are 70% held in common with other coronaviruses (= colds and flus). In other words, it’s not as difficult to deal with as we were told
  • There is no vaccine possible for most coronaviruses because there are too many strains. They have to change the flu vaccine every year because it’s only effective 6-40% of the time. It doesn’t protect against viruses that are continually mutating. And studies reveal that the vaccine increases one’s chances of contracting the flu. (Some studies are even claiming that every person who became ill with covid19 had had the flu vaccine.)
  • The real conspiracy is the agenda to force vaccines on the world population, an agenda that is sugar-coated as a way to improve the world’s health (yet Gates’s vaccines have sterilised thousands of girls and women in India and Africa, and caused an explosion of polio, the very disease it was supposed to eradicate).
  • It’s also intended to reduce world population, and that intention is published openly, as is the plan to microchip people, control DNA and turn people into an AI-controlled set of slaves. (This might sound like fiction but it’s not. Do some research.)

Why mandate vaccines for non-lethal diseases? Where’s the Common Sense in that? As doctor and lawyer Dr Simone Gold says, “We need to distinguish between lethal and non-lethal diseases. Not being able to get a job unless you’re vaccinated is a huge obstruction of civil liberties.”

She warns that this lockdown is a preview of things to come. Covid-19 is a concerted campaign to control the population.

Why are the facts that she and her colleagues share labelled ‘medical disinformation’ when they have an impeccable record for saving lives?

Her colleague, Dr Stella Immanuel, says: “People are dying. They are not waking up the next day to have political conversations about this. Covid has a cure. It’s called hydroxychloroquine. We don’t have to lock down schools. We can end this pandemic in a month.”

Dr Immanuel advises doctors who are not permitted to recommend hydroxychloroquine to “Walk, leave your job.” She advises patients to demand it from their doctors or go elsewhere. Doctors will not want to lose business and so that might motivate them to procure it!

We’re clearly now living in a totalitarian regime.

Let’s apply some Critical Thinking to that claim, which is often criticised as being exaggerated. Check each statement against either a world war or the conditions in a dictatorship.

  • Propaganda dominates the news waves.
  • Many around the world, and especially we Victorians right now, are being forced into lockdown/house arrest.
  • False information and fake studies are being used to perpetuate a myth and create a pandemic of fear so that frightened people will demand more government control and vaccines.
  • We are being dehumanised and controlled. Masks and lockdown are a massive behaviour modification exercise that is about compliance, not health.
  • Our human rights and civil liberties are being violated: free speech is in jeopardy; we are not allowed to gather in groups; places of worship are not permitted to operate; a very recent amendment to the ASIO Act severely limits our right to gather or express ourselves.
  • Our movements are limited and we have been given curfews.
  • Our movements are tracked.
  • We are being encouraged to snoop on each other and shame each other.
  • This is actually a ‘plandemic’ – refer to the statements made by Pres Obama and Dr Fauci before Trump came into power predicting a pandemic this year. (Could it be political? Yet another effort to unseat President Trump?) Watch the doco!! 
  • It is actually a form of terrorism against we, the people – when you do a little digging you discover that many acts of terrorism against, eg. the United States, were initiated by and/or funded by the United States. (Yes, I am referring to 9/11 among others. Do some research…)

The Hippocratic Oath is: ‘First, do no harm’. If governments and other leaders genuinely cared for us, there are so many things they would do differently.

  • They would generously fund and support good health choices such as (largely) plant-based diets. Every other food group (meat, dairy, sugar) is driven by a highly-vested organisation that suppresses any study that questions its actual nutritional value and controls government through its powerful lobbying arm. This is another huge rabbit-hole on its own…

Why is it so easy for corporations promoting junk food, alcohol, drugs and personal care products containing toxic ingredients to thrive and promote their wares while rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity, among other diseases that are clearly linked to poor diet and toxins, are soaring? What if the government imposed their mighty arm to stop harmful practices and support life-enhancing practices?

  • Why do families caught up in domestic violence struggle to achieve justice?

Women and children are murdered on a weekly basis and parents are being alienated from their children because the abusive person is so skilful at deceiving others, including the court system. The message ‘If this program has triggered you, call Lifeline on…’ gives lip service to the kind of action that is really needed.

  • Why is the government blocking release of classified information about known paedophiles in Parliament and the legal system, including ex-Prime Ministers?

How can these truths be against the interests of our national security? That’s only the case if we, the people, are weak, dependent, needy babies, but any parent or teacher knows that children fulfil our expectations of them. If we treat them as stupid and uncaring, they act that way; if we treat them as intelligent and wise, they act that way.

  • grapefruit VisualHuntWe’d also be given a simple recipe so that we can make our own quinine at home:

Cover the skins of three organic grapefruit with three inches/75 mm of fresh pure water; boil for three hours; leave the lid on while cooling; take a spoonful per day; if too bitter, add honey. This is a recipe given to the military when entering malaria-prone regions in case of limited access to a quinine medication.

Now, let’s check the fact-checkers because of course this is a conspiratorial recipe that is ‘dangerous’!

  • They claim that Hydroxychloroquine is a very different component to quinine. I’m not a doctor but I’m comfortable trusting African-American Dr Strella Immanuel who is very experienced with quinine medications;
  • They claim that ‘Health experts have strenuously condemned the use of self-prescribed remedies for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 as they can have dire unintended consequences'. -> What is the problem with self-prescribed remedies? They are usually much safer than pharmaceutical options! Why discourage people from taking responsibility for their own health? Could it be because grapefruit is much cheaper than a pharmaceutical drug? What about the dire and unintended consequences of iatrogenic disease, i.e. the input of doctors and allopathic medicine? That counts as the third largest cause of death after heart disease and cancer.
  • They claim that ‘In the case of the latest hydroxychloroquine recipe, certain fruits could react dangerously with other medications’. This is another interesting comment since grapefruit is a powerful artery cleanser and makes certain drugs like Warfarin redundant. (Is that why they discourage consumption of grapefruit while on Warfarin? You wouldn’t want your heart condition to clear up and no longer need the drug, would you? [The 'Whole Food Cowboy', Don Tolman, recommends eating grapefruit – fruit and pith – to clear the arteries and avoid bypass surgery…]

Watch Plandemic. You’ll have to see it on a censor-free platform like Bitchute, of course, because there’s a conspiracy against the truth that is being led by our governments and the corporations that control them…

Images courtesy Visual Hunt (Kaptain Kobold for the pic of Australian Parliament).

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