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man taped mouth2I shared some thoughts in my last blog about the current ‘pandemic’ and the agendas behind it, and the fact that, coming from a Holocaust background, the signs of increasing (and dictatorial) government control are alarming. 

Signing up for a tracking app is all too similar to the Star of David armband that the Jews were required to wear in WWII Germany and Poland, to my mind. Freedom of speech seems to be an endangered species…

So how is this story likely to end?

Writers know that you milk a storyline for as much drama as you can!

Which means that I don’t think there will be relief any time soon. The dramatic story arc might sound like a bizarre reason, but I have found myself wondering if we are all merely actors in a grand cosmic drama that has yet to reach its climax.

When I was growing up my mother talked about a ‘Golden Age’ that would be coming on Earth, and that there would be a battle between Good and Evil forces; and of course there are many prophecies of same, including in the New Testament. Whether you take these stories and predictions literally or you view them figuratively, it does seem as if things are coming to some sort of head.

My studies with Dr Demartini have informed me that we’ll never have a golden age in the sense of a one-sided utopia, simply because the laws of physics are such that every event generates a positive and a negative aspect, just as the birth of a particle simultaneously produces an anti-particle, but I learnt from an astrotheologist that we are moving closer to the Sun (thus giving rising to a Golden Age?) whereas, during the Middle (Dark) Ages, we were at a much further point… Interesting.

sun clouds smallI wonder if we are, therefore, heading in the direction of a more enlightened period on Earth (the promised Age of Aquarius, albeit not a utopia given those laws of physics), but – back to my point – that first there will be some kind of showdown as the old gives way to the new. 

I.e. we’ve heard that certain parties have a 2030 agenda for controlling the population via mandatory vaccination and microchipping, and while President Trump has apparently foiled their plans of an extended lockdown, we might get a lot closer to the ‘pricks and chips’ than we would like.

See a compelling presentation by Rev Danny Jones of the Northlake Baptist Church in which he presents the current virus fear-mongering and lockdown as a ‘practice run’ for more sinister controls, and also the passionate presentation by patents expert David Martin as he prepares to present a body of evidence against Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci regarding a series of felonies, including the illegal patenting of a coronavirus vaccine many years ago.

Back to my point again: Despite all the clear-headed people who are joining dots that those who only watch mainstream news don’t see, it may not be very easy to unseat the handful of billionaires, or ‘permanent government’ that runs the world, no matter who is in power.

But hey, as ever, let’s 'thank the bullies’ for giving us a reason to gird our loins: to develop skills, knowledge, strength, power, clarity, love, courage and community!

So... how will this story end? It's up to us, of course; and take heart from the big cosmic cycles that we are riding...

Link for Minister: from the 35-minute mark. Don’t be distracted by the religious aspects – his message is powerful for these times. 

Link for David Martin, Founder and Chairman of M·CAM Inc., the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance.


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