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Society gives us lots of messages about laws and rules:

  • we’re supposed to obey the laws of the land and parent and school and workplace rules,
  • we’re warned of the dangers of anarchy,
  • we are increasingly ‘politically correct’…

but we are often inspired and encouraged by those who break society’s ‘silly rules’ or who live by a higher more empowering set of principles.

Georgia EllisLast week I ‘interviewed’ ‘Law abiding, Rule breaking, Fear conquering, Future Creating', Georgia Ellis about her recent experience of creating her future.

When Georgia talks about being ‘law abiding’, she is referring to Universal Laws. She honours laws like the Law of Gestation, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Resonance and Vibration – laws that govern us whether we believe in them or not. Truly powerful, absolute laws. And then she decides what she'll go along with where human-made laws and rules are concerned.

When Georgia talks about ‘fear conquering and future creating’, she means not being fooled by how our circumstances look, and overcoming the terror of claiming a more inspiring life by deliberately holding the vision. (I write about this in The Mastery Club and The Hidden Order.)

In 2017 Georgia set a number of goals and worked to realise them in a very specific and very committed way. They say that consistency is the key to success, and her results are impressive: fourteen months after setting her goals she had achieved every single one (from an almost zero starting point).

Here’s the link to our conversation: http://www.lilianegrace.com/blog/interviews

Listen and be inspired! And then do leave a comment on the blogand create yourself a magnificent 2019.


0 # June Smith 2019-02-04 06:58
Let me get up on any high horse or box! Firstly I do not approve of a panel of people spreading politically correct messages. I like the way I think and act and I refuse to make significant changes. I can now... I am older and wiser with life's experiences. A very few examples; Golliwogs are just that!- Manhole- now access or person hole (for the trades people.) Replacing nursery rhymes lyrics or wording with what others think is appropriate.
Human made laws can be defied, and is by me.
Agree, with setting common sense rules to keep children safe. To encourage them to listen to their 'tummies' that can be the best sensor for them. If their 'tummies' feel strange that can't be ignored. Feelings can't be ignored. We need to build on strengthening their intuition to learn. We all can empower ourselves. At times we need a mentor to assist us to break down barriers. Once achieved the experience is rewarding and satisfying. Thank you for this opportunity.
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