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Rachel Shields

Synchronicity strikes again. A few weeks ago I was invited to Unity Church to hear a friend speak, and while there I happened to meet a young woman of indigenous heritage, Rachel Shields. I'd been wanting to open the Book Launch with an Aboriginal Acknowledgement of Land and Ancestors, and here was the perfect person to do so. How perfect even I did not yet know.

This morning Rachel came to visit me, bearing a gift that I will bring to the Launch, and empowering us to create our own Acknowledgement ceremony. She also suggested another simple ritual that we will carry out, so be prepared for an afternoon that will reach out to all your senses!


As she spoke, Rachel shared the wisdom life has taught her and it resonated so deeply and truly with the messages in both The Mastery Club and The Hidden Order, that I was moved to tears.

In particular, she placed a finger over my name 'Liliane' on the cover of the books, leaving 'Grace' exposed, and said, 'When we are either side of Grace, we are practising our ability to create'.

For those of you who don't know, Grace is not my biological surname but a name I deliberately chose because it represents my spiritual ideal and the consciousness I want to attune myself to. When we are in 'the space of grace', we naturally and flowingly express Love and Divine Order; most of the time we bounce around between either polarity, 'too much' or 'too little'.

But I was captivated by her expression, 'We are practising our ability to create', because that is exactly what we are doing.

We are all powerful, powerful creators, and we are all constantly creating, though often unconsciously or in reaction. The more consciously we can create, the more power we harness.

'Can we take responsibility for what we are creating?' Rachel asked, and that is, indeed' the 'big question', and a big part of the vision behind my books. My mission? 'To inspire and empower people of all ages to take responsibility for creating lives they will love living.'

Each person creates according to their understanding, and our only responsibility is to create according to our highest understanding, and to respect others for where they are in their creative journey.

We have come from the stars and the stars are our destiny.

I hope that your journey will bring you to the Box Hill Community Arts Centre this Sunday 15th July to join me in celebrating the launch of one of my creations, The Hidden Order. The event begins at 2.30 pm. We are just about at capacity but could fit a few extra! The entrance is in Combarton Street (corner Station St, Box Hill), and there is a small car park there and plenty of unrestricted parking.

A warm room, stimulating speakers, music, laughter and wholesome refreshments await you - to say nothing of a thought-provoking and entertaining new book.

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