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I’m absolutely chuffed to announce that Touch Of Spirit Tours is hosting a Creative Writing Tour through North India – with me as the writing facilitator!

QFRLaunch MelaMela Joy, the founder of this company, was one of my sources when I was researching India for Quest For Riches. Right after the book launch she came to me with the idea of a trip that would be interwoven with a creative writing course.

I was particularly delighted because I just love the way that my life echoes my art!


  • After writing The Mastery Club, I ‘had to’ go to the Greek Islands to research The Hidden Order J
  • After writing Wanted: Greener Grass, my new husband came into my life…
  • After writing Quest For Riches, it looks like I’ll be heading to India!

What magic might you create in your life?


Check out this link for our ‘Unleash Your Creativity’ trip in October 2020 and consider joining us. Whether you’ve always wanted to go to India and would appreciate a spiritual slant, or whether you’d like to hone your creative skills in a phenomenally stimulating environment, we’d love to have you along!

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