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It looks like seven years of prayers for rain have all been processed at once! I can just imagine someone up in the heavens getting through their backlog of Prayer Requests from drought-ridden Australian farmers and frustrated gardeners, and giving all those Requests the official stamp of approval...

Only to set up a huge surge of prayers for the end of rain. It's almost unbelievable, this steady emptying of the skies, the constant dampness and puddles. Even paper and envelopes are feeling limp, heavy with the moistness in the air, and nothing dries properly. For summer in Melbourne to be green and not yellow is a sight for sore eyes, but our pleasure in that is tempered by knowledge of the calamity up north.

Usually I feel very optimistic as a new year approaches because I enjoy the 'fresh start/new opportunities' feeling it brings, but as 2010 drew to a close I was feeling quite low, so I'm writing this blog for myself as much as for you, since I have rather a lot of challenges to face at the moment.

For example, our house. We're moving again – lots of reasons – and it seems to have taken much longer than usual to find the house we like and have our application accepted. That process of delays and obstacles was starting to get me down, and I was having to keep reminding myself of the motto in The Mastery Club: 'See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible...'.

I've been watching '49 Up', the UK documentary in which a number of English boys and girls are interviewed at age seven, and then every seven years thereafter. The program makes compelling viewing, and I'm very grateful to each of the contributors for sharing so honestly. I'm especially grateful given that several of them confess to their discomfort with the periodic interviews, saying that they dread this intrusion in their lives, don't enjoy revealing their personal issues on camera, and find it unpleasant that viewers interpret their lives in ways that are simply not accurate.