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Terror responseWe’ve been keeping an eye on terrorist activity in the northern hemisphere because our three children are travelling through Europe at the moment. It’s quite unsettling as news of these crises emerges, sometimes only a day after our kids have been in one of those locations; I have to remind myself to trust that they have much too much living to do for their numbers to be up yet… 

That might sound irrelevant considering that plenty of children die in these attacks, but I remember my editor Tim Marlowe saying that if you really looked into it, you’d find that those who passed had chosen that at some level.

Tim and I had lots of thought-provoking conversations when we were working on The Hidden Order. I was struggling with finding the order in dark and grimy issues like terrorism and torture, and he was insisting that it’s always present; that nothing ever happens by mistake. It’s rarely easy to see the order looking on from the outside, and probably not much easier when you’re close, but for sanity’s sake, if nothing else, it’s reassuring to adopt the perspective that there are no mistakes and the person was complete here, even if it doesn’t look like it.

I hold to that on principle these days, even though it can be very challenging to prove. There must be very many families really struggling today as they come to terms with the loss of a loved one due to the Paris bombing or the Tel Aviv terrorist attack or the Turkey airport strike or the Bastille Day attack… Even so, to believe that the person was purely a victim is a very sad way to view these events. I prefer to believe that the experience was chosen at some level, even if not consciously. 

My youngest sister was hit by a car at age 24 on her way to hear the Dalai Lama speak; she died within hours. We were devastated, but later I was reminded that she wasn’t very happy at that time, and perhaps at some unconscious level she had chosen to check out. I remember my mother saying that Suzanne had struck her as being particularly wise in the last days or weeks before she died, and that her room was the tidiest it had ever been, almost as if she had been packing up in readiness to depart…

Besides, if we truly apply universal laws like the Law of Conservation, then we can also reassure ourselves that nothing/no-one is missing – they are just changing form.

If you’re dealing with any very confronting challenges at the moment, much love and many blessings as you travel that road. I hope you find the divine order; the gifts for all concerned; the level at which the experience was chosen or ‘on track’. If you need any help, reach out and ask - I’m always open to supporting if I can. As you probably already know, I do highly recommend Dr Demartini’s work for a life-changing perspective. (Try his book or program, both called The Breakthrough Experience, or speak to a consultant.)

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