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I recently came upon some information that suggests that the earthquake in Japan was man-made by an American organisation called HAARP, which is able to vibrationally affect the earth and thus trigger off earthquakes.

This sort of thing is very shocking, not just physically (for Japan), but emotionally and mentally for all of us when we consider the implications of either climate change or human bullying (if the 'man-made' claim is true). I know that I reacted emotionally to the clip I posted when I first watched it, and I'm grateful to my Demartini-trained coach and friend Rowan Burn for a conversation that rebalanced my perspective on it.

Psychologist, Kenneth Pierce, and Childhood Educator, Alice Bailey, point out in their significant book, The Dance of Bullying - a breakthrough tool for teachers and parents, that bullying is never as simple as a 'topdog' and an 'underdog'; a 'goodie' and a 'baddie'. The bully and the bullied are drawn together by a force as strong as magnetism and as intelligent as the Universal Intelligence that is responsible for Life itself. It is actually a precise and orderly meeting of opposites that require balancing.

I've always remembered my mother pointing out that the Holocaust occurred between (a) the 'Chosen People' and (b) the 'Perfect Aryan Race'. Perhaps there was a mutual arrogance in each peoples that needed balancing, hence the attraction. This is likely to be a very confronting idea for those who prefer to hold polarised views of goodies and baddies, but spiritual teachings going back aeons have told us that there is no 'out there' and nothing is 'done to us'; everything is a reflection of what is within, and when we disown parts of ourselves (usually the dark parts), and judge and label them as bad, they turn up outside of us and literally confront us until we own and appreciate them. So whatever happens to us is something that we are literally doing to ourselves.

I think it's valuable to be aware of some of the other agendas affecting our planet, such as those described in the clip, but not to the point of fear, because  those agents play an important role in the unfolding of our evolutionary story. If the crises we are witnessing today are each an expression of intelligence and a working through of imbalances, then our job is to go looking for the order rather than react to the appearances.

After all, significant earth changes at this point in time have been predicted for hundreds of years. The question becomes, what role do we want to play? How do we want to be affected by, and affect others at this time? Maybe this is calling us all to really live our potential, to earn our place here rather than just cruise along for the ride.

Everything comes by right of consciousness, and if we are to co-create the Golden Age that has been predicted, if that Age is to be an expression of higher consciousness, then we are all being asked to grow up in a big way (and become 'Golden Agents', as described so aptly in Andrew Einspruch's new film about 2012).

It seems to me that if we have a powerful 'life urge' and mission, if we are living purposeful lives dedicated to unfolding our potential, and if we are owning our shadow to the point of love and appreciation, then we are more likely to travel through upheaval safely. Another illuminating remark from Andrew's film trailer is, 'there are no safe places; only safe people'.

I choose to trust that those who leave the planet at this time through shocking experiences like earthquakes and floods and wars are on track in their own soul journey, even when it looks like a devastating loss from the outside. And in the meantime, it's time to (i) look at the qualities I might have judged in those like the HAARPists ('corrupt', 'uncaring', 'destructive'...) and own those aspects in myself; and (ii) dedicate myself all the more to fulfilling my potential. The old adage 'use it or lose it' probably applies here. Now I'm off to do some story-writing...

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