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If you read my blog of a few weeks ago (‘Watch a human being emerge from a cocoon’) you’ll know that I was in the process of rethinking my life! Well, I’ve scratched a hole in the chrysalis and I’m peering out. Here’s what I discovered in the process of being ‘liquified’…

I've emerged from my cocoon with the realisation that my core area of mastery is writing and teaching writing. Duh, right? 


I’ve always so easily seen big visions for The Mastery Club® - eg. Mastery Clubs around the world, Mastery Club schools, international conventions, etc. – that I felt that was what I was being called to do, but during my cocooning process I acknowledged something to myself that shifted the whole thing for me.

It’s effortless for me to work and own my skills in the writing arena, whereas building my Mastery Club business has just not flowed easily. I kept thinking that was because I was lacking in personal mastery, and it kind of was – I was ignoring the area of my ‘true’ mastery: as a writer/teacher of writing.

Writing is definitely my ‘happy place’, especially writing fiction. When I write, time disappears and I’m ‘in the zone’. I need no external motivation to write and can pretty much do it on demand. Showing others how to fine tune and master the writing process is a delight for me, and I thoroughly enjoy attending courses about writing etc. I’ve recently started to attend Busybird Publishing’s Open Mic events to read my work, and I’m like a six year old on those days – excited about going and hanging out with writers!

I also dearly love studying universal laws, as you would know, having been part of my community and having read my books, but the distinction came for me when I realised that the very top of my tree is writing itself, and The Mastery Club® comes just under that. (Mind you, I will definitely keep sharing those inspiring and empowering ideas through story because universal laws simply are a hot-favourite topic for me, however I'm going to give myself more space to write across a range of topics.)

So I've decided to fully ‘own my love’, and focus on me as a writer/teacher, with The Mastery Club® (TMC) as one of my product lines. I would still love to have my TMC visions realised but deep inside I’ve always known that I was not the person to carry them all out. That dream requires a different set of skills/interests to mine. Mine is to be a rampant creator since I have so many books, plays, songs, articles, films, etc. inside me!

I’m going to bring my writing courses into the online space so that I can reach more people, and, courtesy a conversation with Bruce Conrad-Williams, I’m going to offer a writing course for those of you writing self-help type books, especially those who are teaching through story, since that seems to be my specialty!

Since January I’ve been doing an excellent marketing course for conscious entrepreneurs with Shannon Eastman of Teach A Brand To Fish and the School for Conscious Entrepreneurs. Shannon remarked that our target market is ‘ourselves 5-10 yrs ago’ – that our mastery/authority today is whatever we were mastering then.

What was I doing 10 yrs ago? Publishing The Mastery Club.
What happened? It became an Australian bestseller and international award-winner.

So my credentials are my books where I teach through story. At the moment that means The Mastery Club, The Hidden Order, and The Champion Series – and I’ll be launching another book in the next few months. My other credentials are 28 yrs teaching creative writing.

Fascinatingly, right after deciding all this, I was invited by Ari Diskin and Roselyn Katz to speak at their 'Women of Influence' monthly gathering about the writing process. What a delicious stamp of approval from the universe! (See link for more info about this event, which is free.)

I’ve also been offered corporate training work teaching Business Writing Skills, which I’m greatly enjoying as well. (I’m working with Paul Puckridge, previously of the Success Institute, one of Australia’s leading training and development organisations.)

I do want to do something with all the work I’ve put into The Mastery Club® over the last 10 years rather, so will probably build up more online programs /e-courses. Any feedback or ideas appreciated!

To sum up, there’s a definite theme to my life, which I recognised a few weeks ago while doing a wonderful Demartini-inspired course with the brilliant Sam Poyser of Authentically You.

The theme is ‘Creating Worlds’ – be they the fictional worlds of imaginary story, the ‘real’ world of one’s own life and ‘reality’, or the learning environment of my students or audiences. I’ll be launching my new brand in the next few months.

You'll find my latest published article, ‘No Peace For Earth, And Why That’s A Good Thing’, online at Living Now’s site. I've been sharing articles via Living Now since the late 80s, and more of my work will be appearing there soon.

Meanwhile, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my world, for loving my books and courses and supporting my work so generously. I hope you will love the new book(s) and courses just as much. I’ll now have more time to pour more wonderful inspiring material your way!

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