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information overload pexels Our ideas and beliefs are all formed in response to the information we absorb. We are overwhelmed with information these days, and very often the source of that information is suspect. How do we evaluate our sources of information? One key tool that every human being has access to is Common Sense.

There are so many violations of common sense in the way the current ‘pandemic’ is being managed that I am truly gobsmacked. (Eg. Why does the virus only attack people shopping in small ‘non-essential’ businesses, while it stays out of the superstores like Coles, Woolworths, Bunnings, etc.? Why are masks, which don't prevent the transmission of viruses but do pose dangers to our health, being widely mandated?)

Perhaps the most stunning loss of Common Sense is reflected in the facts about how viruses occur and how we develop strong immune systems that

are presented very simply by Natural Health Practitioner Tom Barnett in his video clips, and endorsed by other doctors/scientists such as Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, Dr Rashid Buttar, and many others. 

Hundreds of doctors in Europe are now speaking out against the 'covid scam'. Watch the compelling introduction to the German-based Extra Parliamentary Inquiry into Covid-19.

Tom Barnett has been attacked by the censors but his comments make (common) sense to me. Judge for yourself by listening to his whole explanation. Meanwhile here are a couple of points:

  1. Viruses are not contagious. They are produced by our own bodies in order to do an internal clean-out.

Before you laugh or mock, do you remember going to the doctor and having him/her tell you, ‘It’s a virus. I can’t give you an antibiotic for a virus. You just have to wait it out. Rest, drink fluids,’ etc…?

Viruses are your body’s last line of defence after fungi, bacteria and parasites in the effort to undertake internal cleaning. We fall prey to viruses when our own immune systems are low. More and more people today are immune-compromised, as Naturopathic Doctors and Immune Specialists such as Dr Robert Morse point out.

  1. People in a particular area ‘catch the same virus’ because they are exposed to the same environmental issues, such as pollution, radiation, changes in climate. The x-factor of who succumbs is who happens to have low immunity at the time.

Pollution: Wuhan, northern Italy, New York…

Radiation: 5G towers are associated with the virus because of extra stress they put on the system.

Changes in climate: most colds and flu occur at change of season or in response to very cold weather/lack of sunshine.

Low immunity: the aged and immune-compromised. (Even the elderly in their 80s and 90s have emerged from the virus easily when they don’t have co-morbidities, whereas even the young can die if they are already fighting existing issues, such as leukemia.)

Our species is weakening generation by generation due to multiple causes such as the increasing chemical load through pesticides and other sources, sedentary lifestyles, excessive refined and processed foods, intake of pharmaceuticals (including the flu vaccine) that unleash chaos in the body – this is all Common Sense, but lifestyle changes are required and most people would rather pop a pill than change their diet or way of life.

Wearing a mask is so dangerous to our own health because masks suppress our immune system, which is the first step along the road to illness.

Lockdowns are so dangerous to our health because they cause fear and anxiety, which suppresses our immune system, which is the first step along the road to illness.

See my previous blog for more on those. In this blog I’d like to ask this question:

Why has an established solution/cure/preventive to coronavirus been vilified and blocked?

  • Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is recognised in numerous studies, including by the notorious Dr Fauci, as an effective coronavirus cure and prevention, akin to a vaccine. That was in 2005 but today, when it’s needed, pharmacies are not permitted to make this simple, tried-and-true medicine available to doctors and those in need. The nine Frontline Doctors, whose press conference on Capitol Hill was widely banned and censored, speak out here and here

Since when have governments interfered so directly in the pharmacy-doctor or doctor-patient relationship? Since when has politics derailed science? Once a drug has FDA approval, the government is not supposed to interfere, so why is it blocking the dissemination of this product? This smacks of corruption to me.

  • Hydroxychloroquine was recognised as safe 65 years ago by the WHO and has been in common and regular use since then.
  • It is readily available as an inexpensive over-the-counter drug (from the vitamin section) in Indonesia, Iran, India and Latin America and most of Africa. ($12 by comparison with $2000+ for the kind of drug they are now recommending for coronavirus. The dose of HCQ needed is very low.)
  • It is a drug of choice for malaria, so there is an abundance of clinical experience in its use on that continent. (Did you know that travellers from Wuhan to Africa took hydroxychloroquine [or other quinine medication] to prevent malaria and simultaneously prevented coronavirus? The incidence of the virus in Africa has therefore been much lower and the recovery rate much higher. Ditto India. And these countries have slums, where disease should surely spread more quickly! There are nations with populations of more than one billion and no covid because of their practice of using chloroquines. But, that’s right, Common Sense and Critical Thinking are dead…)
  • Hydroxychloroquine is ONLY toxic in toxic doses, which no sane, responsible, experienced physician is recommending. (The recent studies that found adverse effects were flawed. Follow the money… Doctors evaluating the papers published in the usually respected Lancet medical journal were shocked by the rushed, poorly designed and fraudulent studies. They refer to them as the ‘funeral studies’ – if you were a participant, you died. Six times the recommended dose was administered in these studies. Those who engineered these studies are now being investigated for the deaths that resulted.)
  • Hydroxychloroquine routinely saves lives, especially when given early in the illness.
  • It is a reliable preventive, as the many doctors and nurses taking it know.
  • It is particularly effective when used in combination with zinc (and azethromyecin).

One America News channel shared the following:

  • The French government has sanctioned the drug after 78 of 80 patients fully recovered from the virus after just five days of treatment.
  • France is now authorising prescriptions of HCQ to treat virus patients.
  • One microbiologist in Marseille reported that after treating 24 patients HCQ had completely cured all but six in under six days.
  • Dr Vladimir Zelenko has been using the treatment and has experienced 100% success so far, curing nearly 700 patients. Of those he treated, none have died, breathing was improved in four to six hours, and the entire treatment course of HCQ, zinc and antibiotic azethromyecin took five days and cost $20.

HCQ is primarily used as an anti-malarial drug but is effective against c19 by incorporating zinc to stop the virus replicating. In 2010 scientists found that zinc blocks the reproduction of viruses, specifically coronaviruses. In 2014 researchers from Oklahoma discovered that HCQ is extremely good at destroying viruses by allowing your cells to absorb zinc. By taking even a small amount zinc levels shoot up in healthy cells, making it impossible for viruses to take hold.

South Korea was one of the first countries to use Hydroxychloroquine and get good results. Compare their statistics to Italy, which was late taking precautions and only started HCQ on March 29:

Italy: 105,792 cases, 12,428 deaths, 15,729 recoveries
South Korea: 9,766 cases, 162 deaths, 5,408 recoveries

The Pharmaceutical industry needs to be called to account. It takes years to gather data and test new drugs and have those studies peer reviewed, but new drugs are now being released in a matter of months, with no safety testing and no liability. Does that make sense to you?

I’m not pro drugs at the best of times, but I’m shocked that governments (or those who control our governments) might block access to a drug that saves lives, as the nine doctors have attested through their organisation, Frontline Doctors.

Should those who have prevented access to this medication, given its known success rate, be made criminally accountable?

Right now, millions of dollars’ worth of this life-saving medication are sitting in warehouses in Australia having been purchased by businessman Clive Palmer as a gift to Australia and then blocked by those aforementioned powers. 63 million doses are being held in Arizona.

If given in the first two days of illness, patients experience immediate recovery. Does that interference sound like corruption to you?

Human energy is being directed away from life-saving treatments and into bizarre, pointless activities, like closing parks and spraying toxic chemicals on the grass because children playing on the grass might infect the grass!!! Where’s the Common Sense in that?

Why is the population at large not aware of the actual statistics, the lack of real danger, and the simple, affordable solution?

  • Because mainstream media is owned by organisations with vested interests, such as pharmaceutical companies. (Check it out – follow the money and power.)
  • Because individuals like the Frontline doctors attempting to directly share their years of experience with the public are being blocked from the mainstream media and censored and banned across all social media platforms.
  • Because no sooner does any person share warnings about the organisations blocking the truth, or share life-affirming information, than they are censored, blocked, banned or shamed.

Doesn’t that sound like corruption to you? (And, even more sinister, of a totalitarian regime?)

Why block alternate points of view when they give people the opportunity to evaluate the options and make their own minds up?

My Common Sense tells me there is something fishy going on here.

Just a little bit of Critical Thinking tells me that something here is Not Right.

This scenario gives me the impression that the government wants to control my life, even though government values and my values might be vastly different. 

There is an abundance of information pouring into the community from independent and qualified people warning us, educating us, and urging us to do some Critical Thinking! You don’t even need to do very much – there’s so much incriminating information about the virus, the lockdown and mask strategy, and the agenda behind all of it that just a little digging immediately reveals that all is not as it appears.

Why are the voices of qualified, even Nobel-Prize-winning experts being shut down? Does that make sense to you?

We need healthy debate, not censorship!

We need to respect the individual’s right to form his or her own opinions, but without access to the full range of information, what hope does the individual have?

Now we get to the nub of the issue. What is really behind all the censorship?

Stand by for Blog #3 in this series on the lack of Critical Thinking in the community.

Some links below.


Much of the information in this blog comes from Charlie Kirk’s interview with the nine doctors from Frontline Doctors whose press release achieved some 18 million views before it was removed from all social media platforms (within hours). Why are health-affirming facts removed from social media while pornography and paedophilia sites remain online?

The Charlie Kirk Show: 9 Doctors speak out, has also been removed for violating YouTube’s ‘Community guidelines’!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR3O_82yP6o

America’s Frontline Doctors’ site provided s a 2-300-page white paper on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine but it seems to have been taken down too.


Try the censor-free platform, Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/PZLBQoi0vD9G/

See also:

Dr Sheri Tenpenny’s resource, a set of links to scientific studies regarding masks etc.:


I’d like to add to them, Dr Kelly Victory, a trauma emergency physician with specialities in disaster preparedness and response. She has spent 20 years in public health, including advising governments and corporations in how to respond to crises like pandemics. Qualified? I think so. Here are some of her comments:




Professor Michael Levitt FRS is a globally renowned biophysicist and chemist. He received the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, together with Martin Karplus and Arieh Warshel, "for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems." His long record of distinguished research and innate understanding of computer modelling make his insights into the COVID-19 pandemic indispensable.

One key comment: if there had been no lockdown we would have seen a falling away of deaths anyway. Even in Sweden, with no lockdown, they’re doing fine with most deaths localised to nursing homes, as in other countries. He says that the costs of lockdown are huge: the fatalities from hospitals being closed down, from children in trauma, from damaged businesses, etc. One of his more controversial comments is that he would rather see policy that supports young people flourishing albeit at the cost of older people (Baby Boomers like himself) who have already lived a long and full life.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi4j1I_ix_c – full interview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn5BGHuK1zo – 11 minutes


Since 28 January 2020, Levitt, his Stanford group and an international team of volunteers have worked tirelessly on data analysis of COVID-19. 

16 Apr. Particularly clear Radio New Zealand interview with Dave Campbell:
'No evidence that Covid-19 is causing huge loss of life' (listen)

He feels there has been a lot of irresponsible reporting, even from the New York Times.

Statisticians and economists use a measure called ‘years of life lost’ where deaths after the country’s life expectancy don’t count. A death five years just under that number equate to a cost of five years, by comparison with dying as a youth and losing 40 or even 60 years. I.e. an unfulfilled life is ranked greater than a fulfilled life, or there would be no progress.

South Africa has had a negative death rate from the virus simply because of counting all the murders that didn’t happen. You can’t just count total number of deaths; they need to be analysed.

2 May. Lockdown TV in London, James Billot & Freddie Sayer.  Nobel prize-winning scientist: the Covid-19 epidemic was never exponential

He first spoke out in early February, when through analysing the numbers of cases and deaths in Hubei province he predicted with remarkable accuracy that the epidemic in that province would top out at around 3,250 deaths.

His observation is a simple one: that in outbreak after outbreak of this disease, a similar mathematical pattern is observable regardless of government interventions. After around a two-week exponential growth of cases (and, subsequently, deaths) some kind of break kicks in, and growth starts slowing down. The curve quickly becomes “sub-exponential”.

This may seem like a technical distinction, but its implications are profound….

He describes indiscriminate lockdown measures as “a huge mistake,” and advocates a “smart lockdown” policy, focused on more effective measures, focused on protecting elderly people.

“I think the policy of herd immunity is the right policy. I think Britain was on exactly the right track before they were fed wrong numbers. And they made a huge mistake. I see the standout winners as Germany and Sweden. They didn’t practise too much lockdown and they got enough people sick to get some herd immunity. I see the standout losers as countries like Austria, Australia and Israel that had very strict lockdown but didn’t have many cases. They have damaged their economies, caused massive social damage, damaged the educational year of their children, but not obtained any herd immunity.

“There is no doubt in my mind, that when we come to look back on this, the damage done by lockdown will exceed any saving of lives by a huge factor.





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