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Shakespeare MabacamTo mask, or not to mask: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the home to suffer
The rules and directives of the powers that be
Or to take arms against a sea of contradictions,
And by opposing end them? To succumb: to sleep;
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That a citizen is heir to, ’tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish’d.


I really should stop hijacking Shakespeare… But his verse is so apt for these times! 

Yesterday I watched a passionate presentation by two experts who have 50 years of experience in Environmental Health and Safety, Toxicology, Virology, Immunology, Pathogens, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and PPE testing. They are horrified by the way in which we are being ordered to wear masks without proper training and without any consideration of contraindications. (Examples of contraindications: those with heart conditions, pregnant women, and even those who wake in the night due to frequent urination!)

More and more experts are coming out with statements criticising the mask directives – whether they are railing against cloth masks that don’t protect at all against the tiny covid molecule, or paper masks that don’t seal properly and become easily clogged from the atmosphere, or ventilation masks that were designed to protect those working in toxic environments but don’t screen the outbreath (so if the masked person has the virus s/he will still spread it).

The really serious drawbacks of the masks include the suppression of oxygen intake and increase of carbon dioxide intake. That’s ther reverse of what it should be! These masks actually make people sick.

masked man driving NormaMortensonIt’s dangerous to drive wearing a mask because of the suppression of oxygen and consequent tendency toward light-headedness, yet we see people wearing one behind the wheel all the time!

And why do individuals walking alone in the fresh air keep their mask on?!

We need to be exposed to toxins if we are to develop robust immune systems. What we are setting up with these masks are future health epidemics that will be far worse as a result of this period of suppressed immunity. And then there are the psychological ‘side effects’ of mask-wearing, some of which are quite insidious.

To begin with, they suppress our freedom of expression and dehumanise us. It’s difficult to relate naturally and authentically to, or as, a masked person.

Masks are used in (satanic) rituals to conceal one’s individuality, to facilitate losing oneself in the crowd. Mob mentality is the outcome of that loss of individuality. To me, this is dangerous. I feel that we need to be very aware of the symbolism of the mask.

Some pundits even say that they are being used to test facial recognition software for future control of the population. I don’t know how true that is but I find it a credible point of view given the escalating increase in societal controls that we are being subjected to.

Here’s one irony: Muslim women have been persecuted by the those in the West for wearing face coverings, and now we're all being instructed to wear them. As Dr John Demartini says, ‘We are condemned to experience what we judge…’

Speaking of passion, today I watched the clip of a passionate group of doctors delivering a press conference on Capitol Hill in order to speak directly to the community, warn them against fake science and reassure them that there is absolutely a cure for covid-19. 

They are ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ speaking on the Second Opinion Project

One after another came forward to the microphone to share their perspective. A female African doctor declared that she was experiencing a 100% success rate using hydroxychloroquin, zinc and azithromycin. She said, 'I have not lost a single patient to covid-19!'

She and her colleagues went to great lengths to point out that this drug is 'super safe – more so than aspirin – and very cheap'. It's a 65-year-old medication that has been on WHO’s safe, essential list of medications for years. It's available over the counter in Iran, Indonesia, most of Latin America and in Africa. They acknowledged that massive doses will be toxic but massive doses are not required. They were outraged that the government is interfering in the doctor-pharmacist relationship and blocking the drug's availability.

question mark pills AnnaShvetsApparently just one tablet of Hydroxychloroquin every second week will be a decent preventive measure – the staff were all taking it. And if one is ill with covid, then 200mg twice a week plus zinc daily will treat it effectively. It was shocking to hear that half to three-quarters of patients would not be dead had their physicians followed the true data.

These doctors spoke out against the proliferation of misinformation, and against the censorship of doctors, and referred to independent studies recommending Hydroxychloroquin's use, such as one by epidemiologist Dr Harvey Risch from Yale. You can access his paper ‘Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk Covid-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis’ here.

They also stated that the case numbers being cited on TV every day are almost irrelevant and certainly not something to be alarmed about. Increasing case numbers are a sign of herd immunity.

Mortality statistics are more relevant but, even there, covid-19 is an illness that barely touches the majority of the population; it is most dangerous for the most frail members of society – those with diabetes, obesity or coronary artery disease, and if older, it’s a risk factor if the person has co-morbidities (other health complaints). If you're under 60 and have no other health issues, covid is less deadly than influenza. (And remember that the reporting guidelines appear to be completely corrupt, as several other doctors, bereaved family members and funeral parlour directors have attested. Almost anything is being reported as a covid death.)

The doctors' key message was: 'Don’t act out of fear, act out of science'. 

(Having watched the video of their press conference this morning, it has already been deleted so hopefully some of the individuals who were recording it will repost it. But if these are qualified doctors offering useful, empowering information, why is it being removed? Politics are blocking the truth, blocking their voices and blocking the ordinary person’s access to a safe solution.)

As a side note, if this condition is easily treated and mild in its effect on most people, clearly, no vaccine is needed!

Instead of panicking about a paper tiger, our attention needs to be turned to our children – to restoring their lives and childhood!

children playing MaximoAll children are social beings whose social needs have been unnecessarily shut down. They need to be free to go to school, undertake their various activities and interact. Too much time indoors (in front of screens) is not healthy. The doctors above explained that children are very robust in the face of this virus and are not transmitting it.

And if children are being exposed to violence at home, their futures are in danger as well. (The suicide hotline calls are up 600% in America, alcoholism is up dramatically – self- and other-abuse have increased as a result of the impact of the lockdown on people’s economic and emotional health.) It’s even worse for children with special needs whose usual support systems are not available.

So, the masks... if they're so ineffective and so dangerous, why are we being encouraged to wear them? 

The mask is the thin edge of the wedge... Compliance with masks is just a first step in the removal of our human rights. 


Just as I'm preparing this newsletter I've received information about a new bill published on July 16th that removes ALL of our freedoms to associate and express our views and gives ASIO powers that were previously only applicable in cases of terrorism. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Amendment Bill 2020 gives them permission to violate a whole series of human rights.

Alcatraz VisualHuntIf it is passed,
- they will be allowed to track anyone without a warrant, and even to insert a microchip.
- The right to humane treatment will be waived.
- The right to a fair trial will be removed.
- The right to freedom of movement will be removed.
- The freedom of expression will be removed.
- The right to liberty and safety will be removed.
- The right to legal representation will be removed, along with the right to silence until representation arrives. (They will also have the right to remove the defendant's lawyer and appoint their own lawyer.)
- They will even be able to arrest the organisers of a protest before they have staged their protest! (What happened to 'innocent until proven guilty'? What has happened to freedom of expression in this country?)

One of the doctors said that their aim was to bring more light to the national (global) conversation about covid-19. The way to do that is to offer more perspectives than just the one that is being touted on mainstream media. I agree with them and salute their courage.

We need conversations about all of these issues. Please share.

Speaking of light, my new Young Adult novel, Power of the Light, has just been delivered to my front door and I’m offering a special deal on the first 20 orders! This book explores what happens when a controlling élite encourages the people to react out of fear... How timely. It also promotes the idea of taking responsibility for one's health in simple, achievable ways. Also very timely. 

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Pics courtesy VIsual Hunt (Shakespeare by Mabacam; Alcatrax; children blowing bubbles by Maximo) and Pexels (masked man driving by Norma Mortenson; 'tablet question mark').

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