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curtainsMore than ever, it is time to hold the vision of co-creating the world we want to experience. The world today is not as it was…

And I’m not talking about the virus and lockdown. For sure everything has changed due to the ‘deadly’ virus but once you look behind the curtain, you discover so much more you hadn’t known that the whole world changes shape.


I don’t yet have my head around everything I’ve been learning over the last few weeks but if your mind is open, you’ll probably appreciate some of the following links (below). And if you encounter any names, claims or information that alarms you, dig a little before you click away. I’ve been very surprised by what I’ve learnt too.

father child lake mountainsFirst, though, let’s take a moment to envisage what we would like to create.

Bruce Lipton reminds us that there is a deep relationship between our collective consciousness and the physical world. When just 1% of minds are aligned and cohesive, the other 99% is affected.

Experiments in quantum physics demonstrate this principle of ‘phase transition’ where just 1% of helium particles in a container can affect the other 99%. There are many human studies showing that a critical albeit small number of meditators can lower crime and emergency room visits in a town. This is because their thoughts are a vibration sent out to the field, which responds in kind.

We can choose (and create) the kind of world we want: we can choose fear-driven loss of rights and freedoms or an expansion of those rights and freedoms in a spirit of mutual respect and creativity.  

Imagine a world in which all people are valued, no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, skin colour, cultural practices, etc.… Diversity is respected and appreciated.

Imagine a world in which we all take care of our Earth simply because it’s common sense to minimise pollution and maximise sustainability, to keep our oceans and waterways clean and clear of waste, to grow foods in ways that nourish the soil and micro-organisms, animals, waterways and farmers…

Imagine a world in which all people are free to do the work that most nourishes and inspires them, and the system supports this activity. No money needed! We share the world’s resources and look after each other. Too utopian for you? Check out www.onesmalltown.org and www.thevenusproject.com

While these projects might seem utopian, universal laws always apply so naturally there will continue to be many challenges to deal with on a daily basis (the Law of Polarity). But bottom line, the potential to co-create a world like this is in our hands and comes down to our daily choices.

There’s enough wealth in the world for all to be prosperous; the only thing missing is the will of those in power… and the actions of those who must choose between passively accepting directives that don’t make sense or feel right – and deliberately choosing to support intelligent, compassionate responses.

Does it make sense to you to make healthy people self-isolate in their homes, away from the sun and the daily interactions with others that build immune systems; cutting the aged off from their families, even when dying; compelling troubled families to spend many more hours together without a break, resulting in more violence, suicides and murders; leaving little children alone in hospital; creating artificial distances between people, and thus building fear and suspicion, all of which weakens the immune system…?

The rest of this newsletter shares links to interviews and articles that join the dots re what has been going on in the world. There is so much more to share but here’s a taste… And if you are inspired to take action, the first links are the important ones right now.

Two petitions have been lodged with Parliament House regarding mandatory vaccination. The closing date for participation is 6th June – please read:

Petition EN1531 - Disciplinary Action for Employers Coercing Employees into taking Influenza Vaccinations: to immediately launch an investigation leading to disciplinary action for employers wrongfully and unlawfully pressuring their employees into being receiving the Influenza Vaccination, any vaccination, medication, or medical procedure in exchange for maintaining or establishing employment.

Petition EN1531 - Stop coercion of Australians to be medicated with Influenza Vaccinations: to remove all federal directives which mandate medication with the Influenza Vaccination in order to maintain employment, visitation of loved ones, and contractor visits to Residential Aged Care Facilities.

Another resource for those wishing to protect their rights over their own bodies is here: https://www.solutionsempowerment.com/nonconsent1

  • Anthony Robbins interviews the doctors whose frank press briefing went viral and was then removed by Facebook/YouTube despite it being an honest and empowering summary based on actual human data rather than projections.

Why was this documentary and the interview below censored/ blocked/removed from Facebook and YouTube if we live in a democracy? Surely we can respect individuals’ right to make up their own minds? Both now only available on bitchute, the platform that refuses to censor free speech.

There is plenty here that may push your buttons but awareness counts for something, I reckon. We don’t have to agree with the information or points of view being offered but bottom line we must be free to (a) express and (b) make up our own minds rather than having the government control our access to information. The alternative is a dictatorship, a tyranny, a fascist or communist regime. 

  • This documentary reveals the powers controlling our media and Hollywood. There is a great more information circulating now about the ‘deep state’ or ‘permanent government’ – those wealthy individuals who control governments and appear to engage in all sorts of horrific acts, including satanic rituals. We could call this a ‘conspiracy theory’ if there wasn’t so much evidence emerging. It is referred to in this documentary, 'Out of Shadows'.

The world is not as it was and is unlikely to ever be that way again, but that is not all bad news: it means we are not going back to old unconsciousness; we are aware now of what is going on beneath the surface and we are reaching out and connecting with each other in unprecedented ways.

I, for one, will keep informing myself and at the same time holding a vision of the beautiful, co-operative, creative, diverse, respectful, resourceful and free world I wish to co-create. Focus on Creation rather than Reaction! (More on that new book coming soon…)

Thanks to Tatiana Syrikova and Pexels for the man and child and nature picture
Thanks to Monica Silvestre and Pexels for the theatre image

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