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More and more people are beginning to ask questions about the virus and lockdown. One of my chief values is independent thought. I hope you'll join me in exploring some of the issues we are facing today...


More people, even in mainstream, are wondering why there are such severe travel restrictions given what is now emerging about the virus:

  • that it’s not nearly as dangerous as we were initially told
  • that the rate of death is on par with any year’s influenza statistics. (Details on this point below.)
  • that it is pneumonia in the wake of the virus that kills, not the virus itself. (See video link with epidemiologist below)
  • that the calls for a vaccine are suspicious since a patent for the virus was applied for in 2006 (US2006257852), and a patent for the vaccine was applied for in 2014 and granted in November 2019 (EP3172319B1)…

And then there are questions about the lockdown and enforced separations:


  • If this virus is simply a normal flu epidemic, why bring the world to a halt?
  • Why cripple so many businesses, large and small?
  • Why sacrifice economic stability?
  • Why commit a nation to years of financial debt as it struggles to recover from delivering trillion-dollar rescue packages?
  • Why must people stay out of contact with each other when epidemiologists and biological engineers and microbiologists tell us that the virus cannot ‘jump’ a metre and a half, and that the best way of dealing with it is to build ‘herd immunity’ by allowing it to spread through a healthy population?
  • Why risk increased domestic violence (up 40% according to a recent survey by Women’s Safety in NSW – calls to helplines have dropped and calls to police have increased), and increased depression and PTSD caused by the isolation now and in the long-term/aftermath?
  • What is the real reason for developing apps to track citizens?

Who does all of this serve?

Are there secret agendas here?

Western nations appear to be heading in the direction of those countries that are governed by dictators. There are many disturbing messages, interviews and documentaries being shared that point to very suspicious and dark agendas.

As someone whose family went through the Holocaust, I have been paying some attention to these ‘conspiracy theories’; after all, history tells us that those who assume the trouble will soon blow over are often those who lose their freedom and even their lives. Awareness and preparation can’t be undervalued.

One of my chief life values is independent thought. When I was raising my children, obedience was never as important to me as their ability to think for themselves. I did not want children who would commit atrocities in the name of blind obedience when ordered to do so by authority figures; I wanted children who would think for themselves and have the courage to say no.

But fear won’t serve us. And this is where my study of years kicks in.

yinYangTo begin with, there is the principle that no event is one-sided; everything is a balance of positive and negative. I wrote a blog a month ago about the benefits of the lockdown, such as:

  • Pollution levels are at an all-time low: China, USA 
  • Many people are enjoying some rest, some home time, a chance to get things done that were always falling off their lists.
  • Many families are out walking or riding their bikes together. It seems to me that streets that were often empty during the workday are now busier than ever!
  • March 2020 was the first month since 2002 of no school shootings.
  • There is even a hidden blessing in the bushfires that raged through Australia this summer: our tourist industry being decimated meant that fewer international visitors came to Australia, thus reducing the spread of the virus.
  • Many businesses are discovering new opportunities in online trainings and meetings…

How else is this event serving us? If we go down the rabbit hole into the really troubling ‘conspiracy theories’ regarding eugenics and agendas to vaccinate the entire world population and economic collapse for the benefit of a few, we can become disillusioned, angry, fearful and depressed.

But what if we become awakened instead? What if we use this information to stand up and claim our power and our rights?

In the process of doing exactly this I was given a document about how our Parliamentary system actually works. I discovered that:

  • ‘Parliament is only a machine to make laws in accordance with the written WILL of the people on the subject matter of the law;
  • ‘The Queen is the final check and will, at all times, give assent to the clearly expressed written WILL of the people, irrespective of parties and politicians;
  • ‘The function of the electors, apart from voting, is to constantly and clearly inform their Parliamentarians of their WILL on any subject or issue;
  • ‘If the Houses of Parliament disregard the written WILL of the people an any matter, then the people have the legal power, and responsibility, to directly inform the Queen that THAT legislation is NOT in accordance with their written WILL, and request Her to have it annulled or amended, accordingly;
  • ‘The people may even directly ask the Queen, through Her Vice Regal Representative, to dissolve the House so that they, the People, may proceed to the election of a fresh set of Parliamentarians.
  • ‘But if the Australian people are too lazy and indifferent to ask for what they want, then they can blame only themselves if politicians and political parties impose their own ideologies on them.’ – Your Will Be Done by Arthur A Chresby


‘Every nation gets the government it deserves.’ – Joseph de Maistre, circa 1800

So which is the true conspiracy?

Is it the talk of eugenics and world vaccination, or is it the story that we need a government to

  • look after us
  • to track and control our movements and limit our freedom of speech
  • to disregard true science and biology, and instead perpetuate a myth about disease
  • to decide if our business is ‘essential’ or not? … and the list goes on.

Is the true conspiracy the story that we are powerless?

And therefore, is the silver lining here that we are being given a grand opportunity to step up and claim our power? Dr John Demartini says that dictators flourish where the people are disempowered. Let’s power up!

There are many ways of claiming one’s power, and they don’t all require that we become raging activists:

  • We claim our power by educating ourselves and learning the truth
  • We claim our power by thanking the bullies for confronting us, for giving us a reason to stand up, speak out and live our values
  • We claim our power by connecting with like minds
  • We claim our power by holding a vision of a loving healthy world
  • We claim our power by consciously creating the life we want instead of reacting to the appearances that disturb us
  • We claim our power by looking at the dangerous leaders around us and ‘owning the mirror’: declaring ‘I am that’ and owning the traits that disturb us (and lurk in our own shadow)
  • We claim our power by recognising that everyone has the right to exist and work through their evolutionary process, even people like President Trump, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci…

POTL coverWhich brings me to a new book I am launching next month: Power of the Light, about a boy whose father has cancer, and the process they go through in shifting from reacting to this diagnosis to consciously creating the experience they want to have.

Cancer is a much more disturbing ‘epidemic’ than this coronavirus: it is affecting one in two people now, up significantly from rates 100 years ago… [According to Don Tolman, one in 8000 cases in 1908.]

Here’s what one reader said about this new novel:

“What a refreshing honour it was to read your latest novel. I loved the story, and it made me think and concentrate re the Reactors and Creators… which was a good and positive thing. I LOVE how the Universe works. I really needed this book this week!!!!! I thought the cancer story was very honest. The ‘automatic’ option is to choose chemo and radiotherapy, which can do awful things to your body. It is while you are at your most vulnerable, waiting for the chemo to do its thing, that your mind explores options, reasons, what we take into our bodies, relationships, and the meaning of life. You have covered all of this so nicely. Cancer can be seen as an opportunity, not a death sentence. That is how I saw it at the time, and still do.” – Jennifer Mannell

Coming soon!


Watch this compelling interview with epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski regarding the virus.

Here is a transcript of the final comments from that interview:

LEE: But is this a pandemic? That's the  big question.

WITTKOWSKI: It is a pandemic like every flu every year is.

JOHN: So is there anything else you want to say about that – what's been aggravating you the most? Or what would you like people to know?

WITTKOWSKI: I think people in the Unted States ad maybe other countries as well are more docile than they should be. People should talk with their politicians, question them, ask them to explain, becuase if people don't stand up to their rights, their rights will be forgotten. I'm Knut Wittkowski. I was at the Rockefeller University, I have been an epidemiologist for 35 years and I have been modelling epidemics for 35 years. It's a pleasure to have the ability to help people to understand but it's a struggle  to be  heard.


To watch the video that identifies the papers I mentioned above re seasonal flu statistics, and asks serious questions about the agendas behind economic shutdown, click this link.

vaccineVaccination is to be a legal requirement for international travel, jobs, attending schools and childcare centres and visiting aged care facilities. To watch ‘The Forensic Nurse’, Rachel Cellars, describe the noxious ingredients in many vaccines, click this link.

A doctor I spoke to yesterday, who needs to remain anonymous, said that he was unable to support my objection against mandatory vaccination in order to visit my mother in her aged care facility because of the fear that he would be de-registered, as several of his colleagues have been, for opposing compulsory vaccination.

If you’d like to express your WILL to the Australian government calling for a repeal of compulsory vaccination, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will direct you to the right person.

If this blog has been useful for you, please share it with others.

Evidence of just some of the facts mentioned above:

A paper quietly released in the New England Journal of Medicine by Anthony S Fauci MC, H Clifford Lane MD and Robert R Redfield MD on March 26 2020 stated: ‘…the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36% respectively.’ – Scientific paper: Covid-19 –Navigating the Uncharted’]

The Chinese study that originally justified the harsh measures that the world has taken has been retracted and they have released a new study that puts completely different contagion rate on record, and it is a fraction of the original one stated. The original prediction that ‘2.2 million could die was rolled back to 80,000 and now below 60,000, which is on par with annual flu statistics. (80,000 died from flu in 2017-18.)


Pic credits:

Lockdown image by Anna Shvets, Pexels

Law image by Deelin, Pexels

Vaccine image by Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

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