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Usually I feel very optimistic as a new year approaches because I enjoy the 'fresh start/new opportunities' feeling it brings, but as 2010 drew to a close I was feeling quite low, so I'm writing this blog for myself as much as for you, since I have rather a lot of challenges to face at the moment.

For example, our house. We're moving again – lots of reasons – and it seems to have taken much longer than usual to find the house we like and have our application accepted. That process of delays and obstacles was starting to get me down, and I was having to keep reminding myself of the motto in The Mastery Club: 'See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible...'.


However on the eve of the new year, our new house was confirmed, and all the times our previous applications had been knocked back suddenly made sense, because this house ticks more of our boxes than any of the others we've seen, and it has come into our hands smoothly and rapidly via friends, cutting out the tedious, impersonal, time-consuming (and often rude) real estate agency 'ingredient'.

In fact, having just visited our friends in their soon-to-be-ours house, I'm feeling very humbled and grateful for the Divine Order that was silently at work in the background while I was grumbling about how long it was taking for us to find our new home...

So this first blog of 2011 is a tribute to the Grand Organising Design that is quietly orchestrating our lives for maximum growth and opportunity. If you also feel as if you are endlessly waiting for things to fall into place, have courage! It's very likely that when they finally do, the wait will be well worth it.

Love and blessings for 2011,


PS Next blog subject: my 19 year old son's new tattoo...

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