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woman in mask holding toilet paperWe are living in extraordinary times. This is a unique world experience that we are having right now, and truly the biggest virus is probably fear. So here are some thoughts that I hope will serve you in combating anxiety and finding the upside of the coronavirus health issue and lockdown.

I call my e-newsletter/blog ‘The Whole News’ because I want to train myself to look at an issue completely; I want to be able to see both the benefits and the drawbacks, since every issue in life is two-sided. There are benefits for us personally and nationally and internationally. Here are some of my thoughts – please share your ideas in the comments area below.



  • Deep rest for many who have been running hard managing work and family and hobbies and other interests. This is an opportunity to sleep, to rest, to catch up on reading and other home-based interests. (In fact, those are points of their own!)
  • An opportunity to catch up on reading.
  • An opportunity to catch up on other interests.
  • An opportunity to catch up on sorting and filing and culling at home.
  • An opportunity to create deeper relationships with children and discover the richness of home education! (If you need some support in that arena, visit sites like www.home-ed.vic.edu.au)
  • An opportunity to work on your home-based business or start one – create those online trainings that are on your to-do list! (This one is for me too!)
  • An opportunity to resurrect your last few to-do lists for reminders of things you’ve been wanting to achieve.
  • An opportunity to undertake some online courses that would interest you.
  • Quieter roads, so when you do have somewhere to go, it’s quicker and more pleasant driving.
  • An opportunity for today’s youth to experience and grow through hard challenges like the wars and depressions of previous generations. (My son commented a few years ago that he felt he and his peers were ‘growing up cushy’ from not having any big challenges to deal with; this virus has the potential to open minds and ‘other’ awareness, generate empathy, build resilience, stimulate creativity, and more.)
  • An opportunity to be generous to others in the community by providing meals, phoning neighbours to check they are okay, picking up groceries for the elderly, etc.
  • Better self-care as we take notice of the warnings and drink more warm fluids, etc. (See below for the list.)
  • An opportunity to discover new ways of entertaining ourselves! (The internet is now brimming with humorous video clips of how others are entertaining themselves at home. I especially like the one in which a Chinese man feeds his partner, who is a few metres away, chocolate balls via a tape measure… Scroll down through the cartoon to about halfway.
  • Be entertained by the generous musicians and others who are offering their gifts and services for free via the internet.
  • More time with pets. (You can still take dogs for a walk, which is good for both of you.)
  • People pulling together and looking after each other.
  • The opportunity to ‘go within’
  • A wake-up call that if we are able to mobilise an entire country to go into lockdown on an important issue, we can do it again. (I.e. we can create vast, sweeping change. Where there's a will there's a way...)
    ** The climate-change advocates would love to see this level of commitment to environmental care – clearly it’s possible! *
    *** The domestic violence advocates would love to see this level of commitment to a situation in which more people die from abuse than we have yet seen from this virus (one woman is murdered every week in Australia; every two minutes police are called to a domestic violence incident – and that’s only counting the ones who make the call.)
    **** Health advocates would love to see this level of commitment to educating the public on truly good nutrition and health options rather than resorting to drugs and the subsequent iatrogenic disease that has killed many more millions than war… (It’s the third highest cause of death after heart disease and cancer.) ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ – Hippocrates.

There are so many other benefits. Please share your ideas.

And now, in case you haven’t yet received the prevention advice that is spreading around the internet, here’s a compilation of what has come my way – I trust that it’s accurate! STOP PRESS: It turns out that much of it is not accurate. I am noting the particular points below.

  • First sign is usually a sore, dry throat – gargle daily with salt water, apple cider vinegar, lemon water or hydrogen peroxide (check for correct dilution, probably 3%).

  • Another sign is a dry, rough cough.
  • Drink lots of warm drinks – broths, hot water, herbal teas – to prevent the virus from getting a lodging place. Avoid icy drinks.
  • Sipping something warm every 15-20 minutes will keep your throat moist and wash the virus into the stomach where gastric acids destroy it. You don’t want it to get into the lungs.  STOP PRESS: Later information : I gather that this is not correct...
  • The problem escalates when hardened mucus solidifies in the lungs. Beat your chest to stimulate movement of lymph/boost the immune system! (This is known as the 'Thymus Thump'.)
  • The virus is killed by heat (temperatures greater than 27°C or 80°F), which is probably why the body generates a fever; however if your temperature rises above 39°C seek help.
  • Get out into the sun as the UV rays kill the virus and vitamin D is extremely healing. (You can expose items to the sun to kill it also. STOP PRESS: This may be dodgy advice.

  • If you experience a choking sensation seek medical help.
  • Wear a face mask (and gloves) if out in public as the virus molecule is large so will be stopped by the mask; keep a 3.3m distance from others. SEE NOTE IN COMMENT re masks!
  • Regularly clean railings, door handles, etc. with alcoholic gels as the virus survives on hard surfaces for about 12 hours. Disinfect things you use often such as keyboards.
  • Wash hands frequently and for 20 seconds. Sing a song while you're  washing! (See link below)
  • Wear gloves when filling up on petrol.
  • Vitamin C and zinc are powerful aids when fighting the virus – and since humans are biologically frugivores, and fruit contains all the vitamins and minerals we need, eating fruit will help to clean and heal and prevent. (Here’s a link regarding our ancestors/the early human diet: http://www.veganvillage.org/Articles-Early-Human-Diet-Category.html)

Be well! Remember that your thought is powerful. Your thoughts generate emotions that directly influence your physical health and wellbeing. Take care of yourself in the practical ways listed above, but also by encouraging yourself that you and your loved ones are able to go with the flow of these challenging circumstances and will remain well.

Sing this song with your children – it's fabulous! https://www.facebook.com/allisondavies.com.au/videos/236195374203519/ 

Photo courtesy Anna Shvets, https://Pexels.com

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