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My daughter has been recovering from a very unpleasant biking accident that left her with some pretty severe tyre burn. Naturally we both turned our minds to the question, 'Why? Where is the hidden order?'

To help us find a meaningful answer, I read her a segment out of Way of the Wealthy - 7 Financial Laws & Universal Principles That Will Transform Your Life by Tim Marlowe and Jim Hanna. 

A businessman is feeling suicidal after his business is hijacked by his manager, leaving him literally locked out of the premises and robbing him of some $250,000.00 of assets, as well as his employees and clients. 


Tim helped this desperate man to to see the order in this situation by guiding him to recognise that his intuition had actually warned him against both employing that particular fellow and promoting him, but he'd ignored his inner voice out of the desire to help the guy, who was on hard times. 

The logic of our intuition and soul purpose is often at odds with our mental logic. It looks like a very unfair outcome, in fact a snub to this man's kindness, for the person he helped to steal his business. But 'the hidden order' works in mysterious ways. It has little time for our persona's goals and lots of time for the development of our inner selves. To the soul, it is much more important to learn to listen to our intuition than to tick off our next achievement.

However it was the question, 'Which part of your wanted this experience?' that really made my daughter sit up. Which part of her wanted to be tossed off her bike and end up with a painful first degree burn?

Her first thought was the conversation her Sports class had had just a few days previously about injuries. The blokes in the class had lots of dramas to boast about; she just had 'a turned ankle'. Could she have been trying to catch up with them? That seemed odd to us. Or had her inner self engineered this fall so that she would have an understanding of this degree of pain? Maybe. Or was she being given an opportunity to develop her will power and her focus (she has had to summon all of her resources to resist scratching), and to build an even deeper appreciation of her health?

The question is still going around in her mind… and maybe it's one to tuck away for your confronting experiences. Which part of you wanted the experience?

We are not victims. Things don't 'happen' to us. We call them in purposefully, albeit with a different part of our minds than our everyday thinking brain.

If you'd like to read the book (highly recommended) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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