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festive mealOn Boxing Day we had lunch with friends and one woman, who had just read WANTED: GREENER GRASS, commented that my new novel would be a raging bestseller if it weren’t for the ‘personal growth bits' in the book.

‘People don’t want that sort of thing,’ she said.

‘It’s my niche,’ I replied. ‘I share ideas that interest me through story.’ (After all, there are plenty of writers who deliver pure romance or pure action.)

She didn’t agree or approve.

Two days later I received this email from a reader: 

'Thank you for a very enjoyable read which raised some lingering and dare I say ‘conscious’ thoughts. Am I the actor or the director in my life? How will my life look when I choose the God-Me to be in control? A rather timely read given I’ve just celebrated a birthday and we’re approaching the end of another calendar year ~ those two events so close together always make me pause and reflect on my life that is, and the life that will be. I’ve found that the rest of 2017, and into 2018 I’ve been consciously choosing my path. A very timely message.’

I was rather chuffed to recognise the balance! One day one reader tells me that my book would be great if I left out the ‘personal growth/self-help’ bits of the book, and the next day another reader particularly comments on how useful the personal growth/self-help bits were.

Okay, not the next day – two days later. But this balancing dynamic is exactly how the universe works, and the thing I’ve been talking about for the last few years in my books, The Mastery Club and The Hidden Order

Dr Demartini calls this dynamic ‘full-quantum unconditional love'. I.e. we will never receive only praise or only reprimand, only pain or only pleasure, only challenge or only support; we’ll always receive a balanced unit even though we might only see or recognise one side of the package. (Quantum physics tells us that each subatomic particle has a corresponding anti-particle, and together they produce a photon of light. ‘Coincidentally', we experience enlightenment when we see both sides of a situation.) 

YinYangI was reflecting on this principle again in relation to my new life. When I was writing WANTED: GREENER GRASS, I was particularly interested in the idea that we won’t ever find a ‘better situation’ because of the natural laws of the cosmos that always deliver a balanced dynamic. But if that is so, you might ask, why did I leave my long-time partner, if not for a better situation? 

Because I was ready for a new challenge! I was attracted by the aspects of the new relationship that appear to be better, of course – they always provide the carrot, but fortunately I was also conscious that this new package would include an equal balance of positive and negative, and the new form of the negative gives me great opportunity for growth in a new direction. (This is called ‘How To Live The Fairy Tale With Both Feet Firmly On The Ground’ – I’ve just written an article on that topic, to be published soon.)


What about you? Can you see the balance in your life as we leap into 2018? 

It might not be easy but if you take a few minutes, when a positive turns up, to look for the negative (and vice-versa), you might find yourself making that leap with a more balanced stance.


So, as the 'Quantum Angel Prayer' goes, 

‘May 2018 bring you challenges that stimulate you and support that warms your heart,

May you see through the chaos to the order,

May the year ahead be a ‘raging bestseller with useful personal growth bits’,

And, until we meet again,

May the Grand Organised Design light your way.'

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