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I've been experiencing a little rash of minor health issues in the last few months. Looking back on the year, I notice that it's been pretty full on. You know how they measure stress and reckon that separation and moving house are high on the Stress Richter Scale? Well, here's my list (so far!) ...

- moving house in January (to a smaller place as partner moving out soon on an adventure with unknown outcome and son due to move out soon also)
- daughters beginning school for the first time in Feb (age 16, having been home educated to date)
- derailment of The Mastery Club film project
- partner moving out in March
- adjusting
- partner moving back in April; very squishy due to smaller house
- Next Top Author pitch - got to fourth place and then 'out'
- writing and researching sequel throughout
- putting my writing program out as an e-course
- writing coaching - love that, especially working on fiction projects...
- approach from Theresa Day in the UK re teaching The Mastery Club™ 10 Lessons Program, triggering major redirection in my work focus from the sequel to resurrecting the program and cleaning it up = hours and hours of work. (I'm very glad you gave me this push though, Theresa!)
- son moving out in August (he's 19)
- dog quite sick a couple of times; getting old and a bit strange... and keeping me awake at night when she goes clattering around the house and tripping down the steps...
- throughout this year and previous, partner tracking global economic changes and big conversations in our household re world direction; childhood stuff activated (might blog about that separately...)
- speaking engagements: Rotary, The Gables, RYLA, Salvation Army, VIEW, VCAL, Temple of Illumination, Guardian Angels...
- preparing for my father's 80th through Aug/Sept (hours and hours sorting through his/our childhood photos for the definitive slide show)
- approach from Tom Zulu to teach Mastery Club programs in UK.
- beginning to teach my Writing Mastery program again at Monash Uni, Short Courses Centre
- submitted The Mastery Club to Hay House competition
- trip to Mildura (to watch my daughter's first official dance performance – fabulous; and to connect with teacher Bill Mercer, who uses The Mastery Club in his classroom, and his friend Wendy (NLP practitioner)
- begin teaching The Mastery Club™ program to adults at the Temple of Illumination
- and throughout it all, the usual business stuff (marketing, bookkeeping, research, mastermind group, submitting articles/stories here and there, etc.) and the usual family/friends stuff (daughter-driver-supervision to all the after-school classes; shopping, food prep; walking the dog; get-togethers; etc.)...

So how are you going? Giving yourself due credit for how many balls you have in the air at once?

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